Thousands of Camaba Takes UMM SPMB Test

Author : Humas | Monday, May 10, 2010 15:58 WIB
Student candidates is doing UMM test given for new students in Basement Dome of UMM.

           A number of 1,794 new student candidates attended the Selection Tests Admissions (SPMB) of 2010-2011 University of Muhammdiyah Malang (UMM) period I in UMM Dome, Monday (5/10). They came from all regions of Indonesia starting from Lhokseumawe to the Eastern region of Indonesia such as Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. This was the first period selection of the three periods opened by UMM.

           "The number of new student candidates who were interest in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences reached the top level, those were 520 participants. The other 1274 candidates were collective number of all Departments at UMM," said the Chief of New Students Enrollment Unit (PMB), Wasis SP, SH, M.Si.

           Previously, PMB also had conducted selection through Interest and Talent Search Program plus the Scholarships and Student Achievement Program (PMDK-B). More than 800 registrants were selected until it remained only 500 candidates to be received as UMM student. Meanwhile, the total number of students planned to be accepted from PMDK-B and the three regular periods were 5,500 students. "So there is still great opportunity for students who had not taken the first test period," Wasis explained.

           So far, UMM has become the first choice of a large numbers of new student candidates. It could be that there was an increasing awareness of looking for qualified university and affordable cost. The public also wanted a clear line of registration, for example by means of tests, rather than through bargaining price. "The important thing is quality, not about state university (PTN) or private university (PTS). PTN costs more expensive than the private one anyway," said Muzayyin, one of student’s parent from Tuban accompanied his child.

           Similar statement came from Lutfi Okvita, one of the SPMB test participants of period I. Lutfi was interested at UMM Lutfi had heard many stories about UMM when was in the hometown, South Banyuwangi. Lutfi who was graduated from MAN Pesanggaran was more impressed when entering the area of Campus III of UMM. According to Lutfi, UMM was an elite university with good and complete facilities. Lutfi, who came with two friends, really hoped that the results of the test would be satisfactory. "I want to major in Management," Lutfi said.

           The result of first test period would be announced on May 13, 2010 and could be seen on the notice board at UMM Campus II and III. The announcement service is also available on phone by contacting PMB at 0341-463513 or by accessing the UMM website of PMB section on

           Meanwhile, due to intense competition in certain majors, for those who were not accepted yet in period I, was expected not to have decreasing intention to retake the test in period II or III. "With better preparation, or deciding to choose other majors, InsyaAllah the opportunity to become students of UMM is still widely opened," said Wasis.

           Registration of period II was opened from May 10 until July 10, 2010. The test would be held on July 11, 2010. Meanwhile, for the third period, registration was opened on July 11 until August 16 and the test would be held on August 18, 2010. (trs/nas/t_alf)



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