Rezka Mardhiyana, UMM Debater who graduated with a Nearly Perfect GPA

Author : Humas | Monday, February 25, 2019 08:45 WIB
Rezka Mardhiyana. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

Although she never targeted to be the best graduate, all of Rezka Mardhiyana's efforts during her undergraduate program at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) were successful. Rezka, who is familiarly called, became the best graduate at the university level with an almost perfect Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.99.

Not only clever in class, during studying Rezka gained a lot of achievements. First Winner of Psychedelic National Psychology Debate at the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University, First Place in the National Political Debate of POLITE Competition in Brawijaya University, and many others. In the academic field, Rezka is ranked second in UMM outstanding students in 2018.

This girl from Banjarmasin stated, by participating in many debating competitions, the insights that she had, had increased. "If you take part in the debate, you will always have your own theme. So we are forced to learn new materials. Even the last time, I became the Best Speaker in the national political debate competition," she said.

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Exploring international experience was also not overlooked by Rezka. One of them in 2018, Rezka was listed as a Learning Express program participant at UMM together with Singapore Polytechnic students to get to know the design thinking method. It was one of the new methods in carrying out the design process.

Rezka and her Singapore team created a prototype tool called Express Meatballs Machine. This tool was created to answer the anxiety of meatball traders in Temas Village, Batu City. She succeeded to solve the problem of producing large quantities of meatballs with a short period of time amid high consumer demand.

Rezka was very active in activities because she was motivated by her parents. "My parents graduated from vocational school, but my father always got scholarships when he was in school. From there I learned a lot and was motivated. Maybe that makes me always do the best of every decision I make, "she said.

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Although her activities are piled up, it did not necessarily make it delay the completion of the final task. Through the title "Effects of Intolerance of Uncertainty on Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Adolescents", Rezka discussed a person's cognitive influence tolerating uncertainty. He received a very good predicate.

She admitted the atmosphere of learning and achievement at UMM made her motivated to always excel and gain valuable experience. The motivation that she gained during the lecture process at UMM was also believed by Rezka, who would make her more optimistic and grow in the future. (Win)



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