Responding MEA, Student's Executive Board Holds a Cultural Parade

Author : Humas | Wednesday, May 06, 2015 15:12 WIB
Parade: One of participants from Banyuwangi as performing an evil figure in Banyuwangi Mythology, on Wednesday (6/5).

During a whole day, Wednesday (6/5), Student’s Executive Board (BEM) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held Nusantara Cultural Parade (PBN). This parade was divided into three activity series: Culture Workshop attended by Zawawi Imron, Cultural Parade, and Conferment Night followed by 17 local organizations in Malang.

            This parade started from Sengkaling Food Festival and finished at UMM Helipad, the center of parade activities. Another event, which is conferment night, would be present cultural performances done by all participants.

            During these activity series, the audience could directly witness a fashion show of traditional clothes, traditional dances, art performance, traditional food festival, photography exhibition, and traditional music.

            Chief committee, Anton Yahya explained that his event was established to maintain Indonesia cultures in welcoming ASEAN Economy Community (MEA) in last year. “In MEA, there will be an exchange, starting from economy, politic, and culture,” he said.

            Accordingly, Indonesia cultures should be retained towards many western cultures coming as the result of MEA. “We would never tolerate any culture claiming done by other countries as what has been happened while ago. We have to keep our culture,” added him.

            The enthusiasm of participants was obviously seen in this event. There were many local organizations intentionally participating in this event since last April. “In next cultural parade, each local organization should bring 25-30 contingents and we will witness the greatness of Indonesia culture diversity,” explained Anton.

            He hoped this event would become annual event addressed to students. “It is the first time we hold cultural parade. Hopefully, in next year it will be better prepared,” he ended. (zul/han/t_stu)



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