The Biggest Dinosaur Replica Made of Tempe Is In the MURI

Author : Humas | Monday, April 08, 2019 09:32 WIB
Took a photo together after the MURI record awarding. (Photo: Special)

PRACTICUM student group event management “Prospero” Communication Science Study Department University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) break the Indonesian Museum of World Records (MURI) record, Saturday, (6/4) at noon. The broken record was the making of the replica of the biggest dinosaur made of tempe.

This 7x5 meter dinosaur replica was ‘slaughtered’ by the Governor of East Java Dra. Hj. Khofifah Indar Parawansa, M.Si. This also became the inauguration of the new tourism destination in Batu, the Green Village Tempenosaurus. Its presence becomes the next success tourism destination after Colorful Village Jodipan (KWJ).

 “The launching of Green Village Tempenosaurus is in fact to initiate the building of humanitarian civilization. It is because every building is expected to be people center development; the center of every development is the human development in it,” Khofifah said.

Khofifah said that village development is also developing civilization. Civilization development is also developing the social, culture, and aesthetics order. “This partnership maintained very well, between the corporation which is PT. Indana and UMM as the University,” he said.

MURI award certificate for UMM. (Photo: Special)

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Meanwhile, UMM Rector Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd. said, the development process of the village is not just painting. His party will also think about the plan of social, economic, and educational order. “The importance of this development effort is the competency of the people,” he said.

The development efforts in every aspect by UMM were also on progress in many regions. Not just KWJ, Tourism Place Mask Village My Village Awaits Malang City and many other regions. UMM will also develop Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) in Turen, Malang District.

The tempe dinosaur making process was started, Tuesday (2/4). This is because the tempe making process took a long time, for about 3-4 days. In preventing food spoiling, later this replica will be shared to the visitors and the people who pass the Jawa Timur Park 3 tourist area.

Jamroji as the supervisor lecturer of the practice said, in realizing the MURI record breaking, Jamroji and his supervised students involve not just local people but also PT. INDANA as the paint provider of Colorful Village Jodipan (KWJ) and Jawa Timur Park Group.

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 “In order to make a tempe dinosaur replica, it is required approximately 12-15 people and spend for about 20 million rupiahs to prepare the required tools and ingredients,” said this lecturer who accompanied “Guys Pro” Communication Studies Department students group in working on KWJ.

For the sake of breaking the record, the effort was not very smooth. “Many things need to be faced and solved together. It is because this project involved many parties. So, in making a decision, it should be discussed together,” Jamroji continued during the event.

In proposing the MURI record breaking, there are several required regulations. At first, the plan was using formalin to the tempe dinosaur replica and will be exhibited on Jawa Timur Park 3. However, in the food category, the replicated tempe required to be consumed and it must be nothing left.(joh)



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