Rector of UMM: Eid al Adha, A Lesson of Meaningfulness of Life

Author : Humas | Saturday, September 02, 2017 07:41 WIB
KHIDMAT: Helipad UMM is filled with thousands of pilgrims who will do Eid al-Adha prayer, Friday (1/9). (photo: Ariel Pratama)
Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Fauzan, said Eid al-Adha is a lesson to give meaning in life and the sacrificial syariah emphasizes the distribution of the flesh to those who are entitled to receive.
"The lesson that we can learn i we are encouraged to always share the pleasure to others. The demand for life to be beneficial to others is a must for people who claim to believe," said Fauzan when he became a preacher of Eid al-Adha 1438 Hijriyah prayer which took place at Heliped UMM, Friday (1/9).
The Rector also affirmed that the meaningfulness of life is not limited to the material giving, but also the immaterial or intangible, such as sincerity and keridloan. Flesh and blood are not the most important thing, but sincerity in sacrifice.
"The flesh of the camel and its blood can not ever attain God's mercy, but it is the piety of you that can attain the mercy of God. For the pilgrimage too, we are told to be sincere, not looking for titles and looking for flattery," said Fauzan.
Quoting one of the Prophet's hadiths on pilgrimage, Fauzan affirmed his delivery, that whoever hath for Allah and does not speak rashly and does not do wickedness, then returns to his country as born by his mother. "It means sacrifice and pilgrimage is not an event for the exhibition of wealth, power exhibition, or riya to others," he said.
At the end of his sermon, Fauzan again invited all pilgrims to reflect on the events of Prophet Ibrahim and his family. Fauzan also hoped that all parties would be able to learn from that event, so that they could become superior and meaningful human beings for themselves, family, society, religion, nation and state.
Meanwhile, related to the provision of sacrificial animals at UMM, the committee chairman Idul Adha, Suyatno, said that UMM has prepared 9 cows and 33 goats. This year, he added, UMM also distributed sacrificial animals that were mostly distributed to the UMM target villages. "The source of animal sacrifice itself from internal employees and lecturers UMM and Baitul Mal UMM 6 head of cattle and 17 goats. The rest of the partners, sponsors and individuals," explained Suyatno.
The implementation of Idul Adha in UMM, in addition to Heliped UMM Campus III, the prayers were also conducted in the field of Campus II parker with the preacher of Professor of Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Yus Cholily. (ard)


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