Rector Visits Muhammadiyah Area of Mojokerto and Gresik

Author : Humas | Monday, May 17, 2010 11:44 WIB

           Sunday (5/16), Rector of UMM, Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, visited two Muhammadiyah area, those were Mojokerto and Gresik. As Vice Chairman of PWM of East Java, Muhadjir were often used to dive down and have direct dialogue with Muhammadiyah members on his holiday. In Mojokerto, Muhadjir gave lectures before hundreds of Muhammdiyah people in Gedung Dakwah Muhammadiyah Mojokerto, while in Gresik, Muhadjir were asked to deliver speech on high school graduation of Muhammadiyah I Gresik.

             In his lecture at Mojokerto, Muhadjir revealed the bank interest matters discussed in Munas Tarjih Muhammadiyah in UMM a month ago. This issue was considered important because it involved the lives of some people of Muhammadiyah.

              "Bank management was supposed to be syar'i (based on Islamic rule), but how far the limitation of the term syar’i itself is, whether the recent practice of conventional banks is not syar'i yet and whether syari’ah bank is syar'i enough. It needs to be studied more," said Muhadjir.

              According to Muhadjir, usury and bank interest were two different things. Bank interest is not necessarily usury if it is considered as an instrument of benefit distributor, it is equitably shared, it is not aggravating circumstanceand unavoidable. "As far as it is possible, we should avoid usury. However, if we cannot avoid it, then it must be share proportionally, fairly and it is agreed together," he explained.

            In SMAM I Gresik, Muhadjir gave lots motivation to new graduates. This favorite school in Gresik has now heading into RSBI, so its existence is enough to be taken into account. The students are clever, innovative, and some even fluent in Japanese.

            "Do not be easily proud of obtaining PMDK in state university or anywhere else. It is more important that in the future it should be better. For those who did not pass PMDK, there are still many ways that can be taken to your success,"said Muhadjir.

            This year, SMAM I Gresik granted 100% of their students. Because on the various achievements that, the school received a grant of Rp. 500 million from the government. (zpd/nas/t_alf)



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