Rector Appeals Students’ Parents to Encourage Their Children to be Active in Organization

Author : Humas | Monday, August 28, 2017 11:30 WIB

UMM Rector, Fauzan, was having silaturrahim with leader of universitiy and third wave new students’ parents.

Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Fauzan, appealed to students’ parents to motivate their sons and daughters to be active in campus organization. This is in line with quality culture that UMM is strengthening through the improvement of student achievement. "I hope they can motivate their children to become activists, to follow UMM's student units in various fields," Fauzan said.

By becoming an activist and participating in student activities at Student Activity Unit (UKM), UMM students will get many benefits. "For example the opportunity to get a scholarship and free from the obligation to do thesis final project. Of course, this is balanced with the academic value of students in college," said Fauzan during UMM leadership silaturrahim activity with parents of new student wave III, on Sunday (27/8) at Hall UMM Dome.

Fauzan gave an example of three students of Electrical Engineering UMM who got full support and appreciation from UMM for their achievement in international arena, which was international robot contest winner in United States. All three students were free from final task. Also, eight students of Communication Studies who were members of the Guys Pro practice group who managed to turn the slums into Kampung Warna-Jodipan.

"Students may join UKM based on their interests. There are 35 UKM available, ranging from reasoning, art, sport, to religion. The principle of 'No Day Without Achievement, No Unappreciated Achievement' is actually implemented at UMM. Students who excel with good reputation campus, will definitely be given appreciation. Moreover, students who have good academic value also be appreciated," explained Fauzan.

During the lecture, Fauzan hopes that parents will continue to establish good communication with campus, especially with the dean or lecturer based on students’ study program. It aims as a parental control over the activities of their children. "The rise of news about drug abuse in the student environment becomes something that we must fortify together. Therefore, parents should continue to control the activities of their children," said Fauzan.

At the admission of new students in 2017-2018 academic year, UMM registrants reached 26,640 people. By this amount, UMM only received 7500 students. After having silaturrahim with leadership of university, the activity was continued to meeting parents of new students with leaders at the faculty level. The ones who presented at this meeting were ranks of rectorate, Daily Development Board (BPH), and dean from 10 faculties. New students’ parents who attended came from almost all provinces in Indonesia. "Thank youfor taking time to attend this white campus," said Fauzan. (ard)



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