Reflection at UMM, Taufiq Ismail Wants to Generate Indonesian Student Literacy in Literature

Author : Humas | Saturday, April 29, 2017 15:35 WIB
Legendary: The legendary Indonesian writer, Taufiq Ismail, was reading his poetry in front of hundreds of participants of UMM Gazebo Forum, Saturday (29/4). The forum entitled "Literary Literature" aims to arouse students' interest in reading and writing literature. (Photo by: Rino Anugrawan)

The legendary Indonesian literature, Taufiq Ismail, admitted sadly about the decreasing level of Indonesian students literacy today. In the past, Taufiq told when he was young, equivalent high school students were required to finish 25 titles and make 108 essays during three years.

This was conveyed by Taufiq as a speaker on Multidisciplinary Cangkrungan University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Gazebo Forum which held at UMM central library gazebo area on Saturday (29/4). The writer of Datuk Panji Alam Khalifatullah gave appreciation to UMM Gazebo Forum as a vehicle for strengthening literacy.

This activity is a collaboration between UMM Public Relations and Indonesian Language Education program in commemoration of National Poetry Day on 28 April. The event was then composed with poetry competition and read 1000 poems by high school students in East Java which was held in the evening.

In this forum, Taufiq Ismail issued about the world of literary in literature. Indonesia is already half a century suffering from the poor reading. "The new paradigm developing now leads the students to be more fond of social media. The latest policy, elementary students are required to complete 3 titles of literary books during school, junior high school 6 book titles, and 15 high school titles. But in fact, this is far from achieved, even 0 books that students read. This is very sad, "said this man born in Bukittinggi.

In fact, through literature human not only write a string of words, but also the disclosure of the contents of the mind. The mind would be renewable by writing and reading literature, such as poetry. Poetry is loaded with moral values, intelligence, and aesthetics. Poetry enters every living space. "Definition, history, and literary theory are not the main, but interest in reading and value which is obtained," said Taufiq.

"The Indonesian nation has become a nation that loses due to a decline in terms of literary in literature. The learner must restore this through literary transformation started from reading and writing literature, Through the habit of writing a diary, this will foster the spirit of writing. Reading, reading, reading. Compose, compose, and compose, "Taufiq's message to the students.

Meanwhile, the second speaker, Dr. Arif Budi Wurianto, told the story of Kartini who was in his time. Kartini siblings, Sosrokartono, was sad to see his sister could not get education same as she got because of cultural shackles believe that women should be kept in home until marriage. "Your body may be stuck, but the free one is your mind. Free your mind by reading, "Sosrokartono message to Kartini delivered by Arif Budi in front of hundreds of high school students in Malang Raya and students who attended.

According to Arif, head of the Indonesian unit for Foreign Speakers (BIPA), literature is a cultural phenomenon. Speaking of culture means talking about humanism and human beings. Through literary reading and writing activities, humans will be dispelled to become dignified human beings. Writing literature is an opportunity to express yourself without pressure. (Ich / han)



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