Rebranding: UMM Sengkaling Park is Officially Opened

Author : Humas | Saturday, February 28, 2015 13:26 WIB
Rebranding: Taman Rekreasi Sengkaling (TRS) has named as Taman Sengkaling UMM. 

After giving speech in Graduation Ceremony of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), General Chariman of Muhammadiyah Central Council (PP) Prof. Dr. HM Dien Syamsuddin, MA was scheduled to officially open UMM Sengkaling Park on Saturday night (28/2). The grand opening was held in romantic park located in inner-yard of Sengkaling Park. UMM also invited many figures in this grand opening such as: Vice Governor of East Java Syaifullah Yusuf, Regent of Malang Rendra Kresna, Chairman of Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah district Malang, UMM dignitaries, and management board of Sengkaling Park. 

            Vice Rector II, Fauzan, M.Pd, explained since being acquired by UMM in last 2013, this recreational park was named “Taman Rekreasi Sengkaling” (TRS). The authorization from Law and Human Right Ministry was acquired on December last year through Decree Letter no. AHU-0131535.40.80.2014. After being legally authorized by UMM, this park now is rebranded by named “Taman Sengkaling UMM”. The name reminds on other businesses own by UMM such as UMM Inn, UMM Dome, UMM Hospital, UMM Bookstore, and UMM Farm.

“It is not merely about rebranding for we still work on Sengkaling’s image as legendary tourism destination and still maintain existed management,” said him.

Despite this condition, added by Fauzan, new and modern appearance will be established in order to create fresh situation such as: adding another area for culinary tourism named “Sengkaling Food Festival” (SFF), adding new parking lot, auditorium and parks renovation, and decorating several places. By now, there was immense growing visit to this recreational park.

“In a future, Sengkaling Park will be developed as integrated area for educative tourism, connecting university and many facilities including many laboratories,” Fauzan added. Currently, break through from UMM to Sengkaling is under maintenance. Sengkaling Park was established by Bentoel Cigarette Company in 1959. In former year, it was used as temporary stopping place for bosses of this company. Year by year, it was developed as recreational park. There are at least 15 playing vehicles such as: swimming pool, 3D Cinema, boat bicycle, and mini zoo park.  

This 9-hectare recreational park was bought by UMM through unpredictable process. Before purchase tender, UMM was actually establishing break through access to develop university area. The tender was in all sudden and within given time by British American Tobacco (BAT), stock owner of Bentoel Company. However, due to Rector’s intuition as well as full support from Muhammadiyah Central Council (PP), Sengkaling Park was eventually owned by UMM.


“As I know UMM is the only university in the world having tourism place which directly integrated with campus,” Fauzan ended proudly. (*/t_stu)



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