Civic Study Program Strengthens Characteristic of Young Generation through Pancasila Actualization

Author : Humas | Monday, April 30, 2018 18:46 WIB

Pancasila is the basic ideology of Indonesia and is a guide and worldview for Indonesian society. Unfortunately, there are not many Indonesian people especially the youth who truly understand about the essence of Pancasila, so their action and behavior is not in accordance with Pancasila.

Civic study program of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a National Seminar under the theme “The Actualization of Pancasila as the Soul of Strengthening the Character of Education” in the Hall of GKB IV 9th floor on Saturday (28/4). This seminar is one of the series of Pancasila Festival II held by Civic study program. The speakers of this seminar are the Rector of State University of Surabaya Prof. Dr. Warsono, M.S., Vice Chairman of Regional People’s Representative Assembly of East Java, Dr. H.M. Soenaryjo, M.Si, the Chairman of PDM of Batu who is also a lecturer of Civic Department of UMM, Drs. Nurbani Yusuf, M.Si. They asked Indonesian youth to act according to Pancasila values because it is the ideology of the nation.

The Rector of State University of Surabaya, Prof. Dr. Warsono, explained that Pancasila exists in every human being. Countries that do not have Pancasila, they actually have the values of Pancasila. Unfortunately, Indonesian people lose the values of it. Warsono said, “Indonesian people cannot implement the values of Pancasila yet. That is why, from now on we should implement Pancasila values which is the ideology of the nation in our daily lives”.

Drs. M. Mansur Ibrahim, M.Hum (the Head of Civic Department of UMM) explained that young generation has experienced moral degradation. The renewal of life is needed. Mansur said, “This seminar is held as the awareness of Civic study program in actualizing the values of Pancasila. We can see that nowadays the moral of children is not that good”. (lus)



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