Celebrating the 6th Anniversary, RSU UMM Held a Free Peeling Treatment

Author : Humas | Monday, July 22, 2019 09:48 WIB
Peeling Process. (Photo: Special)

In order to increase the society awareness towards skin health, University of Muhammadiyah Malang General Hospital (RSU UMM) held a peeling or skin care procedure for a mass lifting and removing dead skin cells in 5th floor hall, Saturday (20/7). That is a series of activity of the 6th anniversary RSU UMM followed by tens of participants.

Carry out a theme “Healthy Inside, Beauty Outside”, RSU UMM want to provide the answer of these days society, especially women to be healthy inside and beauty outside from the expert doctors. There are 3 skin and genital specialist doctors of RSU UMM who directly execute the treatment, those are dr. Ninin, Sp.KK, dr. Dwi Nurwulan Pravitasari, Sp.KK, and dr. Ratna Wulandari, Sp.KK., M.Kes.

According to dr. Ninin, Sp.KK., many people these days feel hesitant and afraid to do a facial peeling.The reasons are various, fear of facial skin cells thinning is one of the reason. Moreover, the definition of peeling itself is exfoliation from chemicals.

Nevertheless, dr. Ninin, through the mass peeling activities, said that the tinning of facial skin after peeling is not true. “Actually the one that exfoliates is the dead skin. If we apply to peel once a month routinely, it will regenerate skin cells,” she said.

She continued, if dead skin not exfoliated on the process of removing dead skin cells, the dead skin cells will stack and thickened. This causes dull skin and causes many problems such as blackheads and zits.

“Normally, every 28 days our skin from the bottom to the top will be changing. After peeling, dead skin will wear off and will not interrupt the skin movement. So the skin will not be thin but the person will be younger,” she said.

Meanwhile the Head of Public Relation and Partnership at RSU UMM, dr. Viva Maiga Mahliafa Noor, MMRS. She hopes that this 6th anniversary of RS UMM especially for dermatologists will be closer with the society and able to serve all the community needs.

“Communication with the society is important, one of them is by directly involved to educate the society.” She said.

The anniversary series of RSU UMM held on June were Hand Hygiene Contest, mass peeling, futsal tournament, education video contest, singing contest, self-make up contest, and beauty seminar by a celebgram, dr. Shabrina Aulia. (joh)



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