Author : Humas | Monday, December 14, 2015 05:34 WIB

Thailand Students ride bike around University of Muhammadyah Malang (UMM) to celebrate Thailand’s King birthday on Friday (11/12), last week. Bike for Dad, the theme for this event, attracts the academicians in UMM. Besides in UMM, the celebration was also held in the Thailand Embassy in Jakarta, US, Egypt, UK, and many more.

The secretary of Thailand Students in Malang, Waenurdow Waederamae, said that even the Father’s Day celebration wasn’t exactly celebrated today (11/12), but Thailand people simultaneously celebrate it because Thailand King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, was sick at the moment. “We want to encourage our King so that he can be healthy again,” she said.

The Bike for Dad event is hoped that the people who celebrated also become healthier. “We want to be more aware of our health through this event. We hope our King can feel our spirit so he can recover fast,” said Bukhori Yusuf, one of Thailand students in UMM.

Father’s Day is one of the national days of Thailand. Thailand people celebrate it to respect their King who was born on December 5 1927. People of Thailand believe that by wearing the right color in the right days of a week, they will be lucky. So, they celebrated the Father’s Day in yellow color.

The participants of Bike for Dad in UMM ride the bike was started from UMM football field, then ride around the learning building (GKB) and ended at UMM Helipad. There are many students who also participated in this event, even they know nothing about the event though. (nov/han/t_rfd)



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