Celebrating Third Anniversary, Islamic Economics UMM Is Ready to Compete

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 27, 2016 11:43 WIB

PROGRAM studies (Prodi) of Islamic Economics Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) celebrated the third Anniversary (24/12). This event was led entirely by students of Islamic Economics. Until now, it had been 4 force undergoing a learning process in the department of Islamic Economics.

Chief Executive this event, Winda Ika Pratiwi stated that, since the establishment of the Islamic Economics department in 2013, there had been no study program celebration. "This is the first time the Islamic Economics department celebrates a dies natalis with the active participation of all students," said Winda.

With the theme "Dies Natalis and The Beginning of Sharia Economic, We Start from Bottom to the Top", Islamic Economics wanted to prove that recent program study could also hold a large anniversary. Winda also said, the theme also implied that, student of Islamic Economics struggled from its

inception until created pride graduates. "The theme is the spirit of Islamic Economics students which were very young age, but it can compete with other study programs that have a long standing," said Winda.

Not just a celebration, but there was a national seminar and also entrepreneurial bazaar which was a series of anniversary events of the Islamic Economics department. A national seminar was held on Friday (23/12) and talked about how to do business but using Islamic system. Furthermore, it was also held entrepreneurial bazaar filled out by the students and the society. it was about 20 booths sold a wide range of culinary, clothing and so on. "We also hire booths for society in order not only costs but also generates income," said Students from Bogor.

Some contests were also held to enliven it. Those were a fashion show, photography and making video. "So far, Islamic Economics study program students are very enthusiastic in participating in the event. A lot of people register and deposite their work, "said Winda happy.

New celebration event held for the first time made much of an impression for the committee. Winda told that, all the organizers were hard work to make this event could be enjoyed by all students of Islamic Economics. "Feels like forced labor, not to mention the task subjects, exam assignment but we still often have meeting to make this event succeed," said a student of the 5th semester. (Jal / han)



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