Preserve Tolerance Spirit, UMM Students Initiate a House of Diversity

Author : Humas | Wednesday, August 21, 2019 17:30 WIB
The house of diversity inauguration moment (Photo: Special)

Along with the cleaning activity moment of Pandesari Village, Pujon Subdistrict, Malang Regency, group of students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) who were members of the Community Service (KKN) 114 Team inaugurated the Diversity House in Ki Hajar Seguh Punden area as a Sebaluh Hamlet area differentiator. The existence of the Diversity House is based on religious differences in Sebaluh Hamlet and so far the residents can live in harmony by upholding tolerance between religious communities.

The inauguration of the Diversity House took place at the same time as a parade in the Punden area on Tuesday (8/13) attended by residents of Sebaluh Hamlet and the elders. UMM KKN 114 Coordinator Wildan Arif emphasized that the construction of the Diversity House by 114 UMM KKN students was based on the existence of various religions that lived in harmony, without conflict ever occurring. "In addition, citizens also uphold national values, regardless of religion," Wildan said when interviewed on Wednesday (8/21).

In it, besides being used as a meeting room, also attached pictures and symbols of each of the four religions, books and reference books of each religion, as well as pre-existing inscriptions. "In the midst of hardening relations between elements in Indonesia, the presence of the Diversity House is expected to help reduce this tension. "It is also expected to be an example as well as inspiration for the realization of national and state life in the frame of Unity in Diversity," Wildan continued.

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The existence of the Diversity House is expected to be a meeting place for religious leaders in Sebaluh Hamlet, so that religious tolerance in the Sebaluh Hamlet is maintained. Sebaluh Hamlet itself consists of 4 religions namely Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and the Sapta Dharma sect. "In this village, these four religions can live in harmony. For example, when an Islamic community built a mosque, other religious communities also helped to build it. Likewise, the establishment of other places of worship," said Wildan.

Head of Sebaluh Hamlet Imam Bashori appreciated the ideas of 114 UMM KKN group students who had initiated a container in the form of a Diversity House. The existence of the Diversity House will later be used as a meeting place for community activities, be it a meeting or other meeting. "With the ideas of these UMM KKN friends, residents of Sebaluh Hamlet are very grateful. This house can be a place to mediate even if there is a problem, "Imam said on the sidelines of the inauguration.

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Not only the Diversity House inauguration, the students of KKN 114 team members advised by Lanatut Thoifah, S.Pd.I, M.Pdi. have done their 30 days of services. Those were conducted a stroke preventing counseling at Posyandu, decorated the road with signposts in the Sebaluh Hamlet area, provided free tutoring for children, Qur’an reciting tutoring for muslims citizens, also conducted traditional competitions in the moment of the 74th Independence Anniversary of Republic Indonesia. (Win)



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