Hundreds of Flashmob Dancers in Sengkaling Recreational Park

Author : Humas | Monday, April 29, 2019 12:42 WIB
Performance at the Mistery Ship pool. (Photo: Zaki / UMM Public Relations)

In commemoration of International Dance Day which fell yesterday (29/4), the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Primary School Teacher Education Department successfully held a colossal dance performance involving five hundred people on Sunday (28 / 4). They performed six dances by PGSD UMM.

Dancers from various backgrounds were distributed to five different points in Sengkaling UMM Recreational Park. Among them was the entrance to Sengkaling Recreational Park, Mystery Ship pool, Pirate pool, Primitive charm pool and the ship's hotel rooftop. All of them appeared with dance costumes.

In addition to flashmob, there was also an interesting dance collaboration between students of PGSD Department with Kajoetangan artists and Sanggar Topeng Malangan. Not only that, UKM Sansekarta and UMM Cultural Institute also participated in enlivening this first event.

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Wahyu Intan Purnamasari, one of the dancers who participated in the International Dance Day admitted that she was very happy with this event. According to her, this event can preserve one of Indonesia's cultures. This sixth-semester students also stated that to show dance performance took a long time.

"The preparation that we did was approximately three weeks, starting from arranging stories, costumes, and making dance creations to be performed," said the winner of the title of the best dancer.

Besides that, according to one of the visitors, Lutfia Asmari admitted that she was happy with the holding of competitions and events related to dance. In addition to competing, it can also be a source for increasing knowledge about various types of dance from various regions. (Win)



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