Designing Social Project, FEB Best Graduates Went to Europe

Author : Humas | Monday, November 26, 2018 08:16 WIB


Tata Budhi Prasetyo. (Photo by: Aan/PR)

Joining an organization of AISEC in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) gave more confidence to Tata Budhi Prasetyo. This student of Management Department of Faculty of Economy and Business admitted that he gained high confident to benefit for others since he used to become a buddy for foreign students in UMM.


 “At first, I joined AISEC. Yet I used to be with foreign students I was inspired by them to do a community service in my surroundings,” he said.


Not only becoming a buddy, this best garduate student of Faculty of Economic and Business admitted having many opportunities to share opinions with foreign students. These experiences supported Tata to think plans about community service project for his surroundings.


 “The sharing session with foreign students make me think to make a community service project in my surroundings,” said Tata, the son of Suprayitno and Endang Setyaningsih. Tata was graduated with Grade Point Average (IPK) 3.87.


Meanwhile, the social project he planned is in the field of education. He admitted that education as the main thing that should be owned by everyone. In his surrounding, Tata told that he still found many uneducated people and do not have the right mindset.


 “That’s why I planned to make an education project, because I look people around me is capable in material yet they still do not recognize and consider education as the obstacle,” he said.


 “The design project he named Raise Education brings him achieved opportunities to join exchange student conducted by Erasmus+ in Poznan, Poland. Tata was surprised, this social project which is being planned could bring him to meet more people.  


 “Surprised. When I mentioned this project in the motivation letter make them (Erasmus+ committee) interested,” said the student who’s wearing glasses.


Finishing the exchange program for one semester does not make Tata leaves the project he planned. Tata begins the project by direcly approaching, namely visiting surrounding schools and giving motivation to the students.


“Indeed, the project does not run yet. However, I have started by vising one of schools in my hometown and giving motivation,” he said.


Not only being active for community service, bu Tata and his friends also joined on Tri City Singapore program, revive the English learning especially for FEB students with the name English Economics Community (EEC).


“Yes. My friends and I who joint Tri City program have helped to re-build English study club for FEB students,” he closed. (ard)



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