Holding an Academic Meeting, UMM Preparing Strategic Steps to Increase Competitiveness

Author : Humas | Thursday, November 30, 2017 14:19 WIB

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a Limited Academic Working Meeting on Thursday (30/11). This meeting is an effort to develop academic power of study programs and university, both undergraduate and graduate level in UMM.

In his speech, Rector UMM, Fauzan, urged that UMM takes a part in solving problems of nation. Furthermore, he advised that the decision should be considered by two aspects, which are deciding strategically and musy be prestigious.

He said, “Let’s bring UMM to be a part of society dimension and also give better services to students in proportional context in a humanist way”.

This meeting is divided into three sessions, which are learning quality improvement strategy towards internationalization, academic governance management asan effort to achieve competitive education outcome, and commission meeting.

Before entering thosethree sessions, Vice Rector I, II, and III conveyedthe policy directions of each field. Vice Rector I conveyed about education, research, and society service. Vice Rector II conveyed about general administration, finance, infrastructure and staff. Vice Rector III conveyed about student affairs and alumni. (lus)



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