Received a Doctor of Law in UNS, Herwastoeti: Certainty of the Consumer Law of the Bank Must Be Guaranteed

Author : Humas | Saturday, January 26, 2019 09:02 WIB
Dr. Herwastoeti, SH, M.Sc. (center) after finished an open examination for doctoral promotion at UNS. (Photo: Special)

Legal certainty for consumers when banking dispute resolution was often deadlocked. That, mentioned the lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FH UMM) Dr. Herwastoeti, SH, M.Sc., because people rarely know how to take legal steps when disputing with the Bank.


Thus this problem that is ingrained as a background to Herwastoeti's work on a dissertation to get her doctoral degree. Herwatoeti officially became a Doctor of Law in Sebelas Maret Surakarta State University (UNS). This issue, said Herwastoeti, was caused by the lack of information that was educated by the Bank about risks if the credit was at the Bank.


Herwastoeti found that many consumers did not know what risks that they would get when applying for credit at the Bank. This was because most banks only socialize new products and services, but never educated the public about the risks and legal channels that must be taken when disputing.


In addition, according to her, the Bank was also not open and had never read an agreement when borrowing credit. This causes no legal certainty for consumers. Most bank consumers resolved disputes at the Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency or BPSK. In fact, in 2011 the Financial Services Authority or OJK was created.


This practice caused consumers to be harmed. BPSK does not have the capability to resolved disputes, because the background of BPSK members was minimal from legal and financial experts. "BPSK does not understand the principles, basics, and legal norms so that many run into the applicable legal rules," she said.


With this kind of capability, when mediating disputes between the Bank and consumers, the Bank often does did not attend because of its distrust at BPSK. In this matter, OJK had formed the Indonesian Institute for Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution (LAPSPI) to resolve banking disputes. However, he said, LAPSPI only existed in Jakarta.


"The regional consumers who do not have access to LAPSPI finally go to BPSK. OJK creat LAPSPI in the regions so that the legal certainty of Bank consumers is guaranteed," Herwastoeti said. Seven years ago Herwastoeti's struggled to work on a dissertation finished because he was declared a doctorate on 9 January 2019.


Herwastoeti's struggle to get a doctorate was not easy. He had stopped working on his dissertation because her Father had been ill. Herwastoeti was desperate and had the desire to not continue. Because of the support of family, friends, and work relatives who never stop, Herwastoeti's enthusiasm reignited. (Win)



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