PUSAM UMM Invites Students to Spread Peace on Social Media

Author : Humas | Wednesday, May 24, 2017 12:17 WIB
NOWADAYS, social media has crowded with hatred tweets. social media was used as a tool of political propaganda to insult other individuals or groups. Responding to this phenomenon, Center for Religious Studies and Multiculturalism (PUSAM) of UMM held a seminar titled "Urgency of Peace Narratives among Multicultural Society", Tuesday, May 23 at UMM Inn Hotel.
The theme was chosen related to its goal to build the youth’s insight as an active users of social media to fullfill it with the messages of peace and goodness. This was conveyed by PUSAM program staff, Nafi 'Muthohirin, MA Hum. Nafi delivered that writings that went virals on social media was not suddenly existed. Those writings were made by organized groups and having certain tendencies. This phenomenon has not only spread during regional election of DKI, but it has even started in the 2014 presidential election.
Responding to it, Nafi' advised students, especially activists and journalists. The reason was, in big cities, many organizations or survey institutions employed journalists as ghost writers, which produce trusted-writings even though the hoaxes growing rapidly in the community. "those writings are perceived by public to hate each other individuals or groups with a political purpose. This is not a natural writing like opinions that we write on our own personal account, but it is made up" Nafi' explained.
Therefore, Nafi' who was also the lecturer of the Islamic Studies Faculty (FAI) of UMM assessed that intolerance in the real world was manifested through physical violence, on social media through verbal intolerance. This was more dangerous because it affected sameone's thought.
Come As the speakers in this seminar were Human Rights and Development of Asia Foundation Director Budhy Munawar Rachman, Center for the Study of Religion and Democracy (PUSAD) Paramadina Foundation Jakarta director Ihsan Ali Fauzi, and lecturer of Sociology Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) UMM Dr. Vina Salviana MSi. In his presentation, Ihsan Ali stated that reconciliation in Indonesia often fails. The ability of Indonesians to forgive and forget mistakes was considered lower.
"The theme of peace narratives comes from Islamic principles that contain of the values of peace. Lot of words in the Qur'an mentioned peace, such as the election of kind words, peace and security. Also classical Islamic tradition of prophet history, companions, and the tabi'in were made exemplary in peaceful behavior. Hate speech on social media was one case to be considered, other cases such as Poso and physical violence can be reconciled through Islamic principles, " Ihsan Ali said.
In addition, Budhy Munawar gave a message, as a reader, the public should to be smart to verify the writings that spread on social media. Smart community  was not easily influenced by hoax. The value through the title, looks harrashed or having a certain tendency, or not, "he explained.
As a youth, students should to be critical of what appears on social media. The principle of peaces could be learned in order to negotiate a conflict. Fulfill social media with messages of peace and goodness. The seminar was attended by 60 participants from various campuses accross East Java, including human rights holder of PUSAM. (naz)


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