Having 85 Assistance Children (student), UMM Alumni Received Three National Awards

Author : Humas | Thursday, August 24, 2017 09:46 WIB


Alumni Teknik Mesin UMM, Muhammad Aripin.
No wonder when the alumni of Mechanical Engineering University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Muhammad Aripin, was rewarded many national awards. Aripin currently has 85 assistance children (student). Even 21 persons of them have their own business and four of them have successfully resumed their studies. It is because of the Creative and Clever House Foundation he founded in 2014.
Up to three years of age, Aripin had been awarded for three years successively, they were National Pioneer Youth in Education, Creative Entrepreneurship at the One Indonesia Award, and the National Achievement Foundation. "I remember my mother's will when setting up a foundation. It's time for me to give all the goodness that my mother gave me by doing good to others," he remembers the mother who has passed away at Idul Adha 2015.
He who was born in Banjarmasin, February 27, 1987 is a simple figure, as well as his family life. His father is a pedicab driver and a scavenger who collected garbage and plastic bottles. Its concern that makes Aripin's heart moves to empowere dozens of children in the foundation he founded with his two friends, Hermanto and Siti Nurbaya.
As the name suggests, Aripin added, Creative and Smart Home Foundation is expected to be a creative generation as well as smart. "I want children in this foundation to have a creativity and intelligence, so they can achieve a better future," he said when interviewed on visiting UMM, Thursday (24/8).
Since 2016, Creative and Intelligence Home Foundation has been legal. Aripin said that money which collected little by little from his savings for paying a notary in order to get legality for law. "Thank to God, since the beginning of January 2016, Creative and Intelligent House Foundation has been legal," he said. 
While running his foundation, from a small room in one part of his house, Aripin opens a business that he shares in four fields. First, the engineering field. In this field, he worked on garage, trellis, ladders, and canopy making. The second field is craft. Various kinds of used handicrafts he makes. He juggled the used items he collected from a number of places, such as bicycle wheels, drums and used car tires into couches, cabinets and so on. He even made plastic spoons. Similarly, used wire, he made a bonsai flower. The same thing he did on a used newspaper. From the material, he made a shopping bag.
To market the business of handicraft products, Aripin said, he worked with Department of Industry and Trade of Banjarmasin. Business-crafting products are also marketed online. "In addition to Indonesia, our handicraft products are marketed to Japan, Korea, Nepal, Singapore and Malaysia," he said. (ard)


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