Foreign Students Learned Japanese-style Batik Techniques in UMM

Author : Humas | Saturday, November 16, 2019 15:14 WIB
Foreign students practicing the Shibori technique (Photo: Rizki/PR UMM)

About 48 students from Indonesian Language for Foreign Learners (BIPA) introduced with various batik techniques. This agenda was held at BAU Auditorium University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Saturday (16/11). These foreign students were from several universities, 21 students from UMM, UIN Malang, Unisma, and Ma Chung University with 9 students each.

This time, these students from various countries were introduced to the Shibori technique. Shibori is Japanese art in terms of fabric coloring. This coloring technique was by dipping the fabric into natural dye and covering certain parts on the fabric that don’t want to be colored. In this technique, the covering on certain place was done by wrapping, folding, or tying with string.

"The tools and materials that can be used in making Shibori batik are White Batik Cloth or commonly called Primisima, Remasol batik dyes, Rubber Bands, Raffia Ropes, Aqua Bottles with hollow caps, Aqua Bottles, Marbles or small stones, sufficient water , Crackle Bag and Waterglass," said Belinda Dewi Regina, teaching staff from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of UMM as the speaker.

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This woman who is also a lecturer of the Elementary School Teacher Education Department (PGSD) further explained that making batik with the Shibori technique is quite simple. Because the maker can take advantage of various items around them. The technique of dye tie depends on the maker, what kind of pattern they want to form. "So, they can make their motives at will," Belinda continued.

The activities carried out by the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department (PBSI) UMM in collaboration with BIPA UMM, not only did Batik workshops, but there were exhibitions of student work in the form of Student Newspapers (Kobama, Oasis, and Cakrawala), PBSI UMM student opinion clippings, essay clippings, and four books written by PBSI UMM students.

This Nusantara Worldwide: "Local Wisdom in the Eyes of the International" agenda received a positive response. "I am very happy to take part in this activity because I can make colorful batik and thank you for inviting us to participate in this activity," explained Ton Thi Thuy Trang from Vietnam, Student of BIPA UMM program. (joh)



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