Fasting Teaches About Keeping the Trust in Ramadan

Author : Humas | Saturday, June 09, 2018 19:33 WIB

Ramadan becomes a moment to refresh the spirit of worship. This spirit, not only can be built in religious matters, the spirit of Ramadan should also be able to live in various lines of human life to be better, in terms of work.

This is explained by Vice Rector II University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Dr. Nazarudin Malik, SE, M.Si. He said that fasting, which is a mandatory service for Muslims in the month of Ramadan teaches one thing that is about the dimension of honesty. If it is translated in terms of work, it teaches people about the nature of trust.

"This fast should be translated into the harmonization of social life. Amanah people will always want to do the best for the surrounding environment," Nazar explained to Baitul Arqam for Lecturers and Employees UMM, Friday (9/6).

Continuing his exposure, Nazar said that in addition to fasting there are many other practices that can be done in Ramadan, for example i’tikaf. I'tikaf not only can be done at night but also in the afternoon. I'tikaf in the afternoon can be implemented by holding the assemblies of science such as Baitul Arqam.

"In addition to improving faith, i'tikaf in the daytime is also necessary to build relationships between the learner and employees. Moreover, working in the month of fasting is none other than in the Amal Muhammadiyah Business Amal," he added.

In addition to the material about Working in the Business Charity Muhammadiyah that was delivered Nazar, there is also material about Living life with the foundation of monotheism. This material is important in order to maintain the purity of tawhid and belief only to the One God that is Allah SWT. Finally, the fifth material is material about the views of Muhammadiyah in Religion.

Baitul Arqom is an activity of a kind of science assembly for UMM employees and lecturers and takes place on Monday-Saturday (4-9 / 6). Alternately, during the day the lecturers and employees will follow various materials presented by the speakers from both internal and external. (ard)



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