PT INKA Opened Cooperation with UMM HI Department

Author : Humas | Monday, November 25, 2019 11:48 WIB
58 students of the International Relations Department (HI) of UMM, during an industry visit to PT. Railway Industry (INKA) in Madiun (Photo: Special)

Efforts to integrate science in the campus world with practical needs in the industrial world continued to conduct by the International Relations Department (HI) of UMM. One of them was through industry visit to PT. Railway Industry (INKA) in Madiun (11/19). 58 HI students and 3 lecturers had the opportunity to understand the management system and the development of the national railroad business expansion.

PT. INKA Public Relations Dewanta Prayoga said that so far PT. INKA was still very identical with a technical view. In fact, he added, PT. INKA really needed the idea of social and political scientists, especially in terms of improvement and development of sustainable cooperation strategy in railroad marketing throughout the world.

"We need social and political scientists who can have roles as market analysts of destination countries, such as looking at economic development, economic potential, markets, and competition with competitors," he said.

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Meanwhile, the Staff of the Human Resources of PT. INKA Rangga Sukmantara gave a presentation related to the management system of PT. INKA and how the relation of PT. INKA with International Relations. "PT. INKA has done a lot of cooperation with foreign countries and companies. Now, PT INKA is doing cooperation with Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Egypt in the procurement of rail-based transportation, "he said.

Furthermore, he opened the opportunity UMM HI Department for conducting cooperation. PT. INKA even claimed to be willing to give lectures as a guest lecturer for courses at HI UMM Department, such as International Business, Diplomacy, and regional studies. In addition, PT. INKA opens opportunities for certified internships for students for 6 months.

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On that occasion, the group of HI UMM Department also had the opportunity to tour to the industry to go around PT INKA's yard while watching the production process of several locomotives, trains and cars which was ordered by domestic and foreign such as Bangladesh's, as well as orders from Philippine National Railways.

HI Department Lecturer Haryo Prasodjo, MA as the head of the group said that the industry visit to PT. This INKA provided a new perspective for HI students that trains were not just transportation. However, the study of railroad also had relevance to the study of contemporary International Relations. According to him, this industry visit needed to be followed up in the form of cooperation to develop the academic atmosphere at the UMM HI Department. (win)



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