PSM Gitasurya Won Three Gold Medals

Author : Humas | Wednesday, October 07, 2015 15:02 WIB
The only Indonesian Representative: UMM PSM Gitasurya Team

THE TEAM of Student Choir (PSM) Gitsurya UMM is back to present the other international achievements. The team won the Gold Medal in Mixed Category and Silver Medal in Folklore Category of the 9th Rimini International Choral Competition on September 24-27 2015. In the next competition, the 1st Puccini International Choir Festival, held on September 30 until October 4 2015, they won the Gold Medals in both categories of Mixed and Folklore.

In Rimini, the team consisting 36 students won the Gold Medal in Mixed Category and Silver Medal in Folklore Category. “That was an outstanding experience. Our team was the only participant from Asia. While in Puccini, Tiongkok also participated. That time, our team was the only representative of Indonesia,” said Nanda Avieatharsya, one of the members.

She recalled that before leaving Indonesia, she and her team worried that they would not stand a chance to defeat the other 16 countries. “Most of the  member of the other teams are professional singers, which is why we thought that it would be difficult,” she said.

All the pesimism dispersed when the team performed. The other teams were amazed. One of the competitor from Poland unexpectedly supported the team to become the champion. “You guys have to be the champion. You are outstanding,” said Nanda, citing the words of the competitor.

In term of appearance, PSM Gitasurya came up with totality. When they sang the Betawi song, they wore Betawi clothes. “Maybe that was what other teams concerned. Indonesia is really unique, like no other,” she said.

“We are proud to promote Indonesia on international scene. I hope that PSM Gitasurya will gain more achievements,” she expected.


      Previously, in 2013, PSM Gitasurya won the Bronze Medal in Classical Mixed Voices Category in Choral Busan Festival Competition in South Korea on October 16-19  2013. (zul/han/t_far)



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