UMM Psychologists Assisting the Interests and Talents of Papua and West Papua Students

Author : Humas | Sunday, November 04, 2018 19:05 WIB
Students from Papua and West Papua are taking interest and talent test. (Picture: Special)

Directorate of Special Education and Development of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia pointed Faculty of Psychology University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to hold an assistance program of Secondary Education Affirmation (ADEM) for students from Papua and West Papua.

Faculty of Psychology assisted interest and talent test for those students at GKB 4 UMM on Saturday (3/11). The assistance was done by Student Group Discussion Forum to give a description about talents and interests that the students might have yet motivating them.

This activity was followed by students from Papua , West Papua, and High Schools in East Java grade 10 and 12. Therefore, students of grade 12 were focused on the assistance in choosing the next study.

Zainul Anwar, M.Psi as the Chief Executive of the activity said, “We are making a main mapping and identifying the potential of the students, so the teachers who assist them can direct and give them a description about their studies. We want them to choose program study according to their interest”.

focus group discussion. (Picture: Special)

In another place, the teacher assistants joined Group Discussion Forum led by a Psychology lecturer Muhammad Shohib, S.Psi, M.Si and was attended by 32 High Schools in East Java that cooperated with ADEM program.

Faculty of Psychology assists the teacher assistants to discuss and find solutions faced by each school. This activity is used as a reference and evaluation for the government to run the next ADEM program.

One of the problems faced by the teacher is, it is not easy for them to educate their students. It is because of culture diversity especially Javanese culture. Titik, a teacher from Batu City, East Java said, “Cultural differences become a challenge for every school. It would be good if the students are given an orientation regarding to cultures and habits of the place where they will be living”. (lus)



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