End of Year UMM PSIF Degree Dialogue Discusses about Moderation of Islam in the Year of Politics

Author : Humas | Friday, December 28, 2018 13:41 WIB

The first speaker is the Deputy Regent of Trenggalek and General Chair of the East Java Indonesian Youth Committee (KNPI), M. Nur Arifin (wearing peci: Islamic traditional cap). (Picture: Ariel / PR)

Entering the political year, the Center for Islamic and Philosophy Studies at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (PSIF UMM) held a Year-End Dialogue entitled Moderation of Islam in the Political Year of the Millennial Youth Perspective, Thursday (12/27). This event was also the awarding of the winners of writing articles entitled "The Challenge of Muhammadiyah in the Era of the Present". This event is in the framework of the 106th Muhammadiyah Anniversary.

Assistant Rector for Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan (AIK) Dr. Abdul Haris, MA. In his speech said that the forum exchanged ideas was very important for the millennial generation. "As a young generation, we must be smart in reading the development of the political atmosphere so that it does not dissolve in emotions. Besides that, we must be able to become an important part to straighten the direction of the nation, "Haris said.

The first speaker who was also Deputy Regent of Trenggalek and Chairman of the DPW of the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI), East Java, M. Nur Arifin, said that we cannot be separated from politics. He also correlates the current events with the past when the Marhaenism ideology Ir. Soekarno was criticized by Darwis Thaib with his Marhamism. Both of them have Islamic ideological roots.

Hasnan Bachtiar as the second speaker explained some of the results of research on millennial and new media. From the research, the main factor driving the millennial generation is new media. From the emergence of the new media, Hasnan continued, then came the form of work, how to socialize, how to communicate and new humans who are now often called millennial generations.

"According to research, the millennial generation has characteristics that are not too concerned with religion but more concerned with health, affection, family and so forth. On the other hand,  the non-millennial generation is the opposite, "said the man who currently serves as the Presidium of the Muhammadiyah Young Intellectual Network (JIMM) and UMM alumni who recently graduated from the Australian National University (ANU).

The one hand, the third speaker, Pradana Boy ZTF who is a lecturer at the UMM Faculty of Islamic Religion (FAI) and the Presidential Special Staff Assistant explained theoretically the basics of how religious orientation is at this time. He explained at first, every person has a moderate religious orientation. Because of the influence of friends, associations and the environment, the person will gravitate to one orientation whether fanatical/conservative or permissive/liberal. (Win)



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