LEx Project Provides Temas to be Village of Truck Miniature Industry

Author : Humas | Friday, October 07, 2016 10:50 WIB
The student of Singapore Polytechnic (white shirt) explained the industry of truck miniature Photo: Distya/Humas.

INDUSTRY of truck miniature that initiaded by residents of Temas Village, Batu City, East Java has became the development alternative of Micro Small Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in the village. However limitation of production and marketing caused the business development was not running optimally.

Respond to that, number of students that grouped on Learning Express Project (LEx), the collaboration between students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang and Singapore Polytechnic (SP) had observed and analysed to seek solution over the problem. The Project lasted ten days, since Monday (26/9) to Works Exhibition and Closing on Friday (6/10).

The price rate was high enough between 750 thousands to 3 Millions per a truck miniature that supported by stability of marketing demand. This home industry was considered very potential for developing economy of residents village.

However, the representative of Polytechnic Singapore student explained, after 4 days lived in resident’s home  directly involved with producing of truck miniature Industry. They found that one of the crucial problem that was considered obstructing production namely painting and printing which too late due to drying process only depend on the sun. Its implication, number of market demanding could not be  fulfilled because of the limitation of time.

From analysis results, the students to produce inovation named dryer prototype. According to LEx Project Coordinator of truck miniature Industry Kukuh Gilang Aji Priambodo,  the dryer was very usefull to accelerate process of production.  This tool was used when the cloudy day or rainy season. “With this tool production of truck miniature could be run smoothly and without season disruption,” Kukuh explained.

To expand marketing reach, the students then created another inovation, online portal to display product. Kukuh said that online portal could reached the international market. “ Truck miniatures was accompanied with explanation about product, qualities, prices and  anything else that needed by consumer,” he explained.

The students also think strategically by largely production and market demands, so number of craftman should be increase. Therefore, they held a workshop "All About Truck" which containing of the industry management and marketing strategy. The participants were youth of the village, so the industry could run continuously.

"Through this workshop, hopefully to embrace all levels of societies and to establish long-term industrial village," student of International Relationship UMM said.

One of business owner, Didik Suryanto, said he was happy and was helped through the program. "We are delighted to UMM and Lex participant who has provided inspiration and innovation for the progress of this business," he said.

The 6th Lex generation was followed by 48 students of UMM and SP. They were divided into three groups for three different projects. In addition to the truck industry, two other contracts, the management of waste banks and and the industri of pans and oven. (Jal / han)



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