LEx Project: The Producer of Sweet Potato Chips Stay Productive during Rainy Season

Author : Humas | Saturday, March 21, 2015 11:36 WIB

TOOL EXIBITION: LEx team who worked on project to improve the production of sweet potato chips exhibited one of their tools at UMM Dome, Thursday (19/3).  

 Collaboration among students of Singapore Polytechnic, Kanaza Institute of Technology (KIT) and Kanazawa Technical Collage  Japan with 24 students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in last two weeks, since 9 to 20th of March, 2015 resulted  in a technology that is purposed to improve the production of Batu society. A total of 48 students that were grouped into Learning Express (LEx) project was divided into three groups that worked on three different projects; there were the improvement of cassava chips, milk candy and larvae breeder. This is a note from second team that produced mixer tool and cutting machine to make easier for the process of potato chips.

After conducting observation for two days at one of sweet potato chip factories in Batu city, this team found that the process of production took very long time also much energy because the dough must be stirred manually by hand. “Beside not efficient, the process is also tedious,” said chief of sweet potato chip team Qingmei from Singapore Polytechnic. 

Not only that, the producer of chips did not have a stable and dry place to keep the chips. “So during rainy season, they are confused, where to keep it, while production process is still running,” said Qingmei.

Consequently, with design thinking method, this team produced two tools that were believed to be very helpful for the producer of sweet potato chips; there were mixer machine and dry box. “Mixer machine helps the employees not to mix it manually so they can save the energy. The process is also faster, so it is very simple and efficient,” said Qingmei.

While for dry box, it makes the employees stay productive even during rainy season. “This simple tool makes the employees not to worry during rainy season. This tool can be put on the rooftop of the house, and sweet potato chips stay dry,” said Qingmei.

In addition to making these two tools, this team also made marketing plan for the producer then the sale revenue increased dramatically. “Starting from making new logo, attractive packaging, until the effective marketing technique.”

Qingmei added, in the terms of the process of making tool, his team didn’t feel difficult. “Even if there is a difficulty, it is just language problem. The owner of sweet potato chip factory cannot speak English and we cannot speak Indonesian language. Fortunately there are friends from UMM who are very helpful,” said meatball lover.

A student of Economics Faculty UMM Wan Oktavina Ekawati who also joined this team admitted students of UMM are assigned to accompany them in completing student assignment from Singapore and Japan, especially language problem. “We accompany them in daily activity such culinary until shopping. This is to keep them comfortable and can work maximally.” (rhe/nis/han/t_zuh)





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