LEx Project: Simplify Milk Candy Production

Author : Humas | Saturday, March 21, 2015 11:39 WIB

PHOTO TOGETHER: LEx team who worked on the improvement project of milk candy production took photo together after showing their tools.


Collaboration among students of Singapore Polytechnic, Kanaza Institute of Technology (KIT) and Kanazawa Technical Collage  Japan with 24 students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in last two weeks, since 9 to 20th of March, 2015 resulted  in a technology that is purposed to improve the production of Batu society. A total of 48 students that were grouped into Learning Express (LEx) project was divided into three groups that worked on three different projects; there were the improvement of cassava chips, milk candy and larvae breeder. This is a note from second team that produced mixer tool and cutting machine to make easier for the process of milk candy production.

Team of milk candy started their project with conducting observation in two days in one of milk candy factories in Batu city. When viewing the process of production, this team concluded that the owner had difficulty in stirring because of taking two hours nonstop. “So it needs time and strong energy. In addition, cutting candy is also inconsistent because the size of candy is less uniformed. From here, we agreed to make two tools, it was ultimate 2 in 1 mixer cooler and miracle cutter,” said one member of milk candy team from Singapore Polytechnic Cheryl Lai.   

The first tool was mixer machine or ultimate 2 in 1 mixer cooler. Mixer machine was designed to ease and faster the dough to be blended and to prevent sticking and burning. This mixer tool was also functioned to make easier process and energy saving. “To make easier and customized to the needs, mixer tool was made in two versions, electric mixer and mixer without electricity,” said Cheryl.  

While to simplify the process of cutting while the dough was still hot, it was then made a pan to cut with the same thickness and size. The pan is not sticky and easier to have the dough cut.

The second tool was cutting machine or miracle cutter. This machine was so useful to cut with the same size. This tool was also useful for the owner of factory because this machine can lessen the work of staff; the time is also more efficient.

“The tools are made by Singapore Polytechnic and much needed by our factory,” said Isma, the owner of factory. Isma admitted, Milk candy which is made by this machine can improve the product up to 2-3 more each day. (sel/nay/han/t_zuh)




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