LEx Project: Creating an Efficient Tool for Larvae Breeder

Author : Humas | Saturday, March 21, 2015 11:46 WIB

Crowded Visitors: Exhibition of tools as the results of LEx team project was crowded by visitors, Thursday (19/3) at UMM Dome. They were interested in tools of larvae farm in Batu City.

 Collaboration among students of Singapore Polytechnic, Kanaza Institute of Technology (KIT) and Kanazawa Technical Collage  Japan with 24 students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in last two weeks, since 9 to 20th of March, 2015 resulted  in a technology that is purposed to improve the production of Batu society. A total of 48 students that were grouped into Learning Express (LEx) project was divided into three groups that worked on three different projects; there were the improvement of cassava chips, milk candy and larvae breeder. This is a note from second team that produced mixer tool and cutting machine to make easier for the process of Larvae Breeder.

It took three days for Chee Jae Sian and team to observe the process of larvae farm in Batu city. Previously, all breeders used a spoon in separating the pupa from larvae. It took long time, and any time the larva can eat the pupa. “Therefore, pupa and larva must be separated,” said Chee Jae Sian.

After conducting observation, during two weeks this team thought what solution can be applied for larvae breeder. By design thinking method, finally this team found three practical tools that can help larvae breeder breeder. “These three tools are pupa spoon, drawer divider and larva filter,” they said.

For the first step, pupa spoon of which handle was made from tube was functioned to collect larva and also shorten the time. Then, the drawer divider was functioned to maintain the larvae which would be cocoon. Through this tool, we can get feces, larvae and also pupa at one time. Then the third tool was larva filter functioned as a tool to harvest larvae feces.

“Through this program, larvae breeders are aware of something that is easy but they never thought before,” said Ir Henik Sukorini MP, Vice Dean III Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. 

Chee Jae Sian said, the results of research are not too important but the process of learning design thinking is very important. “This project was successful, because the larvae breeders like the pupa spoon that we designed,” said Chee Jae Sian.  (dar/zul/han/t_zuh)




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