UMM Professor Made 5 in 1 Biotechnology Products to Overcome the Animal Feed Problem

Author : Humas | Thursday, February 13, 2020 10:55 WIB
Prof. Dr. Ir. Indah Prihartini. MP. holding the product of her findings. (Photo: Helmi / PR)

Animal feed is one of the most important things in the livestock business. Agricultural waste which is commonly used as a source of animal feed does not guarantee high nutrition and digestibility. Moreover, there are pesticide residues that do not guarantee food safety from livestock products.

Professor of nutrition and organic livestock, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Prof. Dr. Ir. Beautiful Prihartini. MP. noted in one of her researches that there were 12 of the most dangerous organochlorine residues in livestock products. In her research, she discovered bacteria that could degrade complex compounds and even hazardous compounds.

To follow up on the research, Prof. Indah, as she was called, made biotechnology products. If previously she made a product to improve soil fertility and clean up residues, this time Prof. Indah was innovating in Biofarm 5 + 1 products, which could answer the problem of animal feed.

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"In one package of Biofarm, there are five benefits at once, namely as bio-nutrients, immunobiotics, bio-fermentation, probiotics and prebiotics. The probiotic bacteria that I use are also known to be able to degrade chemical residues, "explained the lecturer of UMM Food Science and Technology.

In research conducted to formulate the product, she found that there were macro and micro minerals that were absorbed by livestock. This could increase the availability of minerals derived from microbial proteins. Furthermore, there were active compounds as anti-infective to maintain animal health.

If used in feed fermentation starters, continued Indah, it could be done easily, was not easily contaminated and could live in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

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"Farmers no longer have to close their feed very tightly. The feed will be durable, still yellow and good. However, if eaten will be fragile and easily chewed so that the stomach is empty quickly and consumption is getting higher, "said the Lecturer of Animal Husbandry.

Another function that made the difference with products sold in the market was probiotics. Live bacteria that were used could live in a cow's digestive apparatus even in anaerobic conditions. The point, continued Indah, was to help improve the condition of the rumen. Prebiotics used could also nourish live bacteria in the digestive tract.

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"5,000 products have been distributed to farmers and companies. What is seen is high consumption, healthier livestock, red meat, increased milk production, body weight, egg production, and also not smell. It is also quite efficient because 1 litter of bio farm can process 1 ton of feed or it can be used for 1000 litters of water, "said Indah.

Not stopping in this product, currently, Prof. Indah and 12 of her students were optimizing and producing tests for symbiotic powder. The many requested from companies and breeders to formulate in powder form which made them wanted to produce it in the next 2 years. This was because in the form of powder could facilitate treatment, delivery and storage for farmers. (win)



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