American Law Professor Delivered Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Author : Humas | Thursday, June 27, 2019 15:43 WIB
Prof. Brett G. Scharff. (Photo: Rizki/PR)

"Muhammadiyah Malang University is one of the Most Beautiful Campus because the surrounding landscape is very beautiful," at least that is the opening sentence revealed by Prof. Brett G. Scharff in front of the UMM Faculty of Law (FH) academics while becoming speaker in the guest lecture, which was greeted with boisterous applause from the participants in the 9th Floor of GKB 4 Hall, Wednesday (6/26) afternoon.

In the guest lecture, the man who is a Professor of Law at the Law School of Bringham Young University, the United States wanted to deliver a very important message in order to strengthen the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (HAM) in 1948 before hundreds of students. "We all live in a world that views human rights from the side that seems political," he said

In addition, Brett also stated that he did not see human rights as a right that must be fulfilled universally. "A declaration like this actually has a purpose to solve these problems through a way that reminds us of the value and benefits of the concept of human dignity," said Brett, who was also a speaker at the UMM Masters Level Course.

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It was continued by Brett, that at least the Universal Declaration of Human Rights could give an idea of how much power which was had. In this case, it was a concept of human dignity in various situations and conditions such as balancing between rights and obligations, advancing education about human rights and various matters that refer to the process of legislation and court processes.

In addition, Brett explained that now the position of human rights always gets a lot of pressure from various parties who have certain understandings. The four understandings called Brett include, "First is Maximalism which is the understanding of human rights which assumes that all these things are up to human rights such as the right to vacation, the right to recreation and other rights," he continued.

Second, continued Brett explained, was skepticism towards Human Rights. "Most adherents to this ideology assume that human rights are not rights because they are something abstract and tend to be forced for necessity. Third Monism / Special Pleading or only as a special request relating to interest groups, "he continued.

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"The last is the Politicization of Human Rights. In this understanding, they consider that human rights are used as weapons to attack other groups under the pretext of upholding human rights, "said the Director of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies (ICLRS) who become speaker in the material The Universal Declaration of Human Right: a Basic Introduction to its History and Drafting.

In the lecture event with the theme "Restoring Human Dignity for Everyone Everywhere: The Possible Contributions of Indonesia". "Thank you so much for Professor Brett. Hopefully, we can inspire our students in the law faculty, "concluded Dr. Tongat, SH., M. Hum as Dean of the UMM Law Faculty. The event was also attended by Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. (Win)



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