UMM Animal Husbandry Department Exhibited Innovative Animal Feed Products

Author : Humas | Monday, May 27, 2019 15:52 WIB
The UMM Animal Sciences Department exhibited a number of innovative feed products and animal formulas. (Photo: Zaki / PR)

The Animal Husbandry Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held an exhibition of a number of innovative animal feed and formula products, on Saturday (5/25). It started from cow fattening formula, cow candy, poultry fattening, to feed that can increase cow's milk productivity. Various animal innovations can be found at the "Animal Feed Exhibition" Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

The event which is integrated with the Food Technology Science course departed from the anxiety experienced by students and breeders on less effective food on the market. Besides that, animal feed products by students had also been carried out several tests and tests directly to the livestock. The result was quite satisfying.

"I am very happy with this activity. Even though I am on semester 4, but I have been able to make animal feed products that can answer the anxiety that people experience about their livestock, "said Bambang Sugiono, who was also the initiator of animal fattening formula products, Murcel (Murah Cepet Lemu) intended for livestock cow.

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Giving Murcel twice a day, a cow's weight can increase by 1 kg per day. In addition, it also set a price that was quite cheap which was Rp. 6000 only per kilo. Bambang also admitted that he took advantage of the momentum of Eid al-Adha to market his products while helping to overcome the problem of animals that would be used as Qurban especially in size and weight problems.

According to Prof. Dr. Ir. Indah Prihartini, MP as lecturers and initiators of innovative exhibitions of students, students were asked to continue research in product development. In addition, the purpose of this exhibition was as a facility to be serious in making products while learning entrepreneurship. She encouraged these various products to participate in the Student Creativity Program (PKM).

The annual activity that has been going on for three years always became attention. How come? Even though they were only in the fourth semester, they were able to create innovative animal feed products and had a selling price that was below the market price. Not to be abandoned, various products made by these students had qualities that were not inferior, and even it tended to be better.

In addition to introducing several products, visitors can also give a direct assessment of the products that students were exhibiting. Later, the value was accumulated and will be the value of their final assignment for the Feed Technology Science courses. In addition, this activity also indirectly taughtthem to be able to learn how to entrepreneurship well. (Win)



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