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Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 22, 2015 18:05 WIB
Septi Prameswari when lecturing the Remotivi General Lecture, Tuesday (22/9) in Theatre Room of  UMM Dome. 

THE LACK of studies and researches about media and communication triggered the Communication Departmen of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) and the Central of Media and Communication Studies, Remotivi, to conduct joint research. This is confirmed by the Director of Remotivi, Muhammad Heychael in the interview after the general lecture themed “Pantau Televisi Indonesia, Membangun Siaran Televisi Berkualitas dengan Masyarakat yang Cerdas” in UMM Teater Dome, Tuesday (22/9).

Heychaed informed that the cooperation will help his party in completing the data during the advocacy regarding the content of television programs. “We only have 10 persons as resources. We need more resources from students who are eligible to help us conducting the research on media,” he explained.

He informed that the cooperation between the two parties has just stepped into the assessment stage. “It is not impossible to make it real,” he said.

The Head of UMM Communication Department, Sueng Winarno, MA said that his department has a lot of quality writers. “Here we have lecturers that active in writing and students that have annual tradition of publishing books,” he said.

In the general lecture that participated by 400 students, Septi Prameswari, the Manager Program of Rapotivi – an android-based application from Remotivi functioned to report the content of television program – said that the television industries do not meet the requirements in fulfilling Indonesian people’s right. “Citizens do not get the proper depiction of television programs anymore,” she said.      

To regain this right, she introduced the Rapotivi application. Through this application, citizens can complain about the improper television programs. The complaints will be verified by the Rapotivi team and later will be proceeded to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI). “The strength of using this application instead of directly reporting to the KPI is that we can check whether our complaints has being proceeded to the KPI or not,” she explained.

Beside the complaining feature, Remotivi also provide addition menu such as comic, info-graphics of the complaints and news about Indonesian television.

Book Review of Media Order

The next agenda of Remotivi is the Book Review entitled “Media Order, Study on Indonesian Television and Media in the Post-New Order led by Heychael and the Secretary of UMM Communication Department, Muhammad Himawan Sutanto, M.Si in the Mini Theatre of UMM Communication Laboratory.

The event revealed the fact that the media nowadays has already controlled by the economic power. “The economic power has threatened democracy since the press’ freedom is controlled by such interest,” said Heychael.

According to him, the various public agenda are the implementation of the agenda arranged by the media owner. “Media Order means the power lies on the hand of media. Media has already set all the things happened in society,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to Himawan, this book is highly recommended for the activists, media observers, students who concentrate on journalistic, and also the citizens who are active in media literacy. “This book discusses the actual problems of media in Indonesia,” he said. (nov/zul/han/t_far)   




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