Government Science Talks about Society Nationalism Issues in Border Region

Author : Humas | Monday, October 10, 2016 14:19 WIB
Lecturer of Faculty of Social and Political Science UMM, Dr. Saiman MSi, is talking about the government's role in the strengthening of nationalism at the border. Photo: Distya / PR.

Breadth of issues that occur in the outermost regions in Indonesia aroused study programs of Government Science (IP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) increasing nationalism of the students through scientific papers, Monday (10/10) at the Auditorium UMM. The theme of this activity is “Peran Pemerintah dalam Penguatan Nasionalisme Masyarakat di Perbatasan”.

Presenting lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Science UMM, Dr. Saiman MSI, this event was also in response to a number of hot issues, of which foreign country vessels caught illegally fishing in Indonesian and the incident of Sipadan and Ligitan in the Makassar Strait. This theme was chosen in addition to increasingly threaten the border regions of Indonesia, as well as the same topic of the dissertation speaker.

According to Saiman, the border region of Indonesia is a crucial and strategic area because it borders directly with the sovereignty of other countries. Therefore, it is not impossible that geographical proximity with other countries will fade residents’ nationalism values​.

"There's a slogan like this," he said, "Garuda on my chest, Malaysia in my stomach," he continued. It is often heard, because their population belonged to Garuda, Indonesia, but for their daily they needed to shop in Malaysia.

This concern was not without reason, during this difficult terrain conditions, underdevelopment, and security which was not guaranteed were a common problems that occured in border region. Development was often partial.

"Although there are development programs, the funds spent by the government may actually run out of postage building materials," Saiman said.

Besides, education facilities and poor quality, comprehensive and difficult terrain as well as the access to the border were a big problem unsolved. Moreover, specific issues such as socio-cultural, socio-economic, political or governmental were to.

"The theme of the border region of Indonesia is a research dissertation of Dr. Saiman. Background of it, we want to give an insight into how the strengthening of nationalism in the border region, "said Kurnia Hevi, MM Gov, head of IP study program of UMM.

This theme sucked student enthusiastic especially the question and answer session. Some students, especially coming from Sulawesi and Kalimantan provided critical questions related to the prevention and mitigation of the impact of the loss outermost regions of

nationalism for the people of Indonesia.

Terpencil (SM3T) yang sudah digalakkan Kemenristek Dikti beberapa tahun silam.

Several government programs were the answer. Starting from next year, the Ministry of Health requires that graduate specialists to plunge into the region, especially in remote and

border areas. Also, Program Sarjana Mendidik di Daerah Terdepan, Terluar,  dan Terpencil

(SM3T) has also been encouraged by Kemenristek Higher few years ago.

"The government is already supposed to think of the efforts for development in the border areas. Build the human resources and improve the quality of education and health! "said Saiman. (Ich / han)



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