Development Economics Program Develops a Curriculum Career Base

Author : Humas | Saturday, September 02, 2017 14:35 WIB
Chairman of Alumni of Association of Development Economics UMM as well as Regent of Pasuruan, Irsyad Yusuf SE MMA was at alumni meeting at Sengkaling Kuliner UMM.

ENTERING the increasingly mature age of 30 years, Study Program (Prodi) of Economic Development University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) increasingly strengthen its academic quality. One of them is through the development of curriculum career base. This became the main topic in the meeting of Development Economics Program which on Saturday (2/9) at Sengkaling Kuliner UMM.

"This alumni gathering is not merely to release the feeling of missing because it has not met for a long time. But there is an important goal we want to achieve from our meetings in each period. Particularly, we want to establish cooperation with the alumni to be able to make a positive contribution, especially for the design of our curriculum in the future," said Vice Rector III Student Affairs, Dr Sidik Sunaryo SH M.Si Mhum, on the occasion of attending alumni event.

Furthermore, Sidik explained that 7 semester students of UMM for one semester will get career-based lectures packed in Career Day program format. Sidik wanted the preparation of this curriculum to be relevant based on  the needs of stakeholders. Referring to other countries, especially neighboring countries, how to make the graduates can be easily absorbed in the labor market, that is by combining academic activities, with industrial or institutional apprenticeship activities.

"UMM cooperation with the industrial world will not be smooth if there is no regulatory support, either from local government or provincial government. Therefore, for the alumni who served in government, we hope there is a regulation that requires every industrialist under his government to be able to accept the students of the faculty of economics to not only apprentice for one month, so that experience gets more mature," he said.

In the annual event, a number of important guests also attended the event. One of them is the Regent of Pasuruan who is also the Chairman of the Association of Alumni of Development Economics UMM, Irsyad Yusuf SE MMA, as well as embedding a sign of service dedication to a number of lecturers for his dedication to FEB UMM. Those who awarded were Dr. Dwi Wahluyo M.Si (alm), and Dr. Wahyu Hidayat Riyanto MM. (ard)



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