English Department UMM Made A Media Products and Learning Resources

Author : Humas | Saturday, December 30, 2017 14:50 WIB
On Friday (29/12), English Language Education Department University of Muhammadiyah Malang (ELED UMM) held a media product exhibition and learning resources.
The exhibition, titled Innovative Teaching Media, was held at the 3.5th floor of GKB 1 and attended by 18 groups. Learning media on displayed were diverse, from traditional or analog to IT-based teaching media.
The lecturer of Media and Learning Resources, Rahmawati Khadijah Maro, said that this exhibition was a final reflection of the media and learning resources. She mentioned that the purpose of this exhibition was to make the students get used to have creative thinking.
"Students should not only be good at theory, but also applying their ideas," said Rahma.
Rahma also added, although this exhibition was only a subject project, but the students were doing maximally. Evidently, the products exhibited were all interesting and innovative.
"There are 18 groups here, and the products of each group have their respective advantages.The variety of products includes the target media, for the age of early childhood, and school to adulthood. Also, there is one IT product on display which can be downloaded from Playstore," continued Rahma.
One of the exhibitors, Tri Juniyanti, claimed to feel very interested in this course project. She and her group created an application called VOCAPOS (Vocabulary and Part of Speech) which is an application to understand part of speech in English.
"This application is in the form of TTS (crossword pu.red). We formed it to make learners more interested and easy in learning vocabulary and part of speech," she said.
Furthermore, Tri admitted that there were difficulties in the work of the application. One of them was to make the application software itself.
"We are not IT majors. Thus, we have difficulties in making the application program, but we are still interested in developing VOCAPOS even further after this semester is over," said student of ELED 2016.
In addition, there is also a learning medium in the form of another TTS, SCRABBLE, which is devoted for grade 6 elementary students to learn vocabulary in a more fun way in analog or traditional form. (ard)


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