UMM Aquaculture Department Held Fisheries Engineering Training

Author : Humas | Saturday, December 07, 2019 08:09 WIB

The fisheries sector was an important natural resource wealth in Indonesia. Of course, this sector could impact on Indonesia's food security. But the phenomenon that was happening right now due to the lack of interest of the younger generation plunging into the world of fisheries so that became something that needed attention. Concerned about the young generation, the Aquaculture Department University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) conducted a training titled "Fisheries Training for Youth Aquaqulturist 2019" at Fish Edupark UMM (7/12).

With 54 participants from high schools / vocational equivalents in various regions of East Java, it was hoped that today's young generation could understand about aquaculture techniques. "The role of youth in fisheries is expected to be able to create new concepts for the future," said Soni Andriawan S.Pi, M.P, M.Sc, who was the Chairperson of the event.

There were 4 materials presented, namely Aquaponic or integration of fish and plant culture, good fish hatchery, Genogenesis or techniques for producing all-female fish and Sex Reversal or techniques for changing the sex of fish. The four materials were delivered by aquaculture lecturers, namely Ganjar Adhy Wirawan, SPi. MP., Riza Rahman Hakim, SPi. MSi., Anis Zubaidah, SPi. MSi., And Dony Prasetyo, SPi. MSi.

"Every material will be given material and also practice at the end so that participants can learn directly with the technologies in fishedupark. So the transfer of knowledge is done with fun, namely learning while recreation," said Soni.

In the training, participants were invited to find out how to cultivate catfish, ranging from the introduction of catfish species, hatchery, spawning, care, harvesting, to packaging seeds. In the material on sex reversal and gynogenesis, participants could learn about sexuality to the provision of hormones in betta fish. (win)



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