Concerning Television Shows, Communication Studies of UMM Holds Children’s Film Party

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 29, 2016 11:02 WIB

Atmosphere of Film Children Party in UMM Sengkaling Park by Students of Communication studies of UMM. (Photo by Distya Putri)

The lack of films for children in Indonesia encouraged Communication Studies University of Muhammadiyah Malang producing and promoting children’s film through Children’s Film Event in Bougenville Hall, UMM Sengkaling Park on Thursday (29/12).

17 children’s films created by Communication students of UMM would be played and watched by society, especially children and their parents. This film party was an Audio Visual (AV) 1 task of juniors of Communication Studies of UMM.

Novin Farid Setyo Wibowo as an AV 1 supervisor stated that, Indonesian television was still not able to make children’s film with good quality. A film should give an education of life for children.

Novin who is also a lecturer of Communication Studies Faculty of Social and Political Science UMM continued, nowadays many television shows involve a child actor that there is no educational value even for the actors themselves. “There is almost no film or show that really targeting children as the viewers”.  

Nowadays, it is only the title of the film that impressed the children. But, the content describes an adult’s life such as dating, violence, and so on. “By doing this practice task, the students will understand that film industry in Indonesia must be fixed. The way to make it better is by producing film for children”.

A total of 176 students were divided into 17 groups taking different issues about children. The theme of this event was “Restore Identity of the Nations from Modernity Film”. According to Novin, that theme explained about the more modern television show, it would change the students’ habit in their daily lives.

This even was an early lighter that would be a benchmark for the next tasks. Novin said, “In the future, AV 1 task will be designed like this. The students have to make films about history and local culture for children”.

One of the title films played was “Ngider”. The film was about the fun of looking for allowance (THR) for a child. Ariel Pratama Effendi. one of the film crews explained that, when Eid came, children would gather asking for THR while shaking hands and greetings to every house.

 “By producing this film, hopefully that forgiving tradition during Eid will still keep on and the audiences will gain more understanding about the meaning of Eid trough film”. (Jal / han)



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