Concerned about Negative Content, Ikom UMM Held a Children's Film Party

Author : Humas | Thursday, June 27, 2019 11:30 WIB
The audience prize awarding. (Photo: Special)

The children's film industry is currently experiencing a content crisis. Throughpracticum 1, the Audio Visual Communication Science (Ikom) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a Children's Film Party (26/6) as a form of appreciation tothe film creationsthat concentrated on positive content. The positive action of this group of students deserves a thumbs up.

“Children are now contaminated with the development of technology on theinternet. The tendencyis that the content ofthe internet is negative and uncontrollable. Through film, we can present a variety of films with positive content. The aim is not only as a spectacle but also guidance,” said Mella Dwi Purnama,thechief executive.

The event is designed as a moviepremiere by the 1st audiovisual practicum students Communication Science Department. The event themewas, “Children’s Museum: Olden Days”. “The purpose of this theme is to invite viewers, children, and adolescents, to reminisce about things in the past,”said Mella.

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This event also introduces how the children on the past were socializing.Unlike now, the children and adolescents tendency were individualistic.“In addition, we were also exploring things in the childhood, from games, food and more,” he said.

At least nine films aired in front of elementary school and teenage children.After airing, filmmakers were also asked to share their experiences behind the production process.The event was closed with the awarding for various best categories.Among them were the best story ideas, until the best soundtracks.

Those nine groups that showing off their works were Sam Depok – “The Sacred Tree”. Pine Film – “Super Sayur”, Gawe Pilem – “Jangkrik”, Sudut Pandang Sinema – “Kelaran”, Dialektika – “Paku dalam Botol”, Foremost Film – “Selimut Ashgaf”, Miwiti – “Pangkur”, Sakelas Production – “Surup” and Back to Basic – “Sehari Saja”.

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Back to Basic becomes the winner of Best Story Idea by narrating Aqila, a 9-year-old daughter who lives with her mother. One day, her mother mad at Aqila because she overslept, then they were arguing, Aqila thinks that becoming a parent is an easy job, while her mother felt there was nothing complicated to be a child.

Until one day, their soul was switched. Aqila's soul was switched with her mother's soul. From that incident, they got many valuable lessons about appreciate and respect.Both of them realized that it was not easy to carry out the role of being a single parent and a 5th grade student.

The Head of the UMM Communication Science Department, Himawan Sutanto, M.Si, said that childhood is a time when they imitate many things.“Through this Children's Film Festival, we want to make our generation a healthy generation.Not only physically, but also his soul and knowledge,” he said. (joh)



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