Students of International Relations UMM Held Environmental Love Campaign

Author : Humas | Thursday, April 19, 2018 10:47 WIB

Posters about “How Important to Save the Earth”

From time to time, the earth is getting old. It is worried that the earth will be no longer a good place for living because the environment changes. That is why, the students of International Relations University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a campaign regarding to the importance of saving the earth on Earth Day, which is always celebrated every April 22th. The campaign was held in 3.5th floor, UMM on Wednesday (18/4). Basically, this is a task of Environmental Politics Course given by the lecturer, Dr.Saiman., M.Si. this campaign was attended by Saiman and the Head of International Relations Laboratory, Ruli Inayah Ramadhoan, M.Si.

Saiman and Ruli said that this course teaches the students to care more about global issues such as global warming, climate change, and illegal logging. The purpose of this campaign is to make people aware about how important to save the earth is.

Saiman said, “This event is to give information to students and public about environmental issues to celebrate Earth Day. Besides, it also invited people to save the earth”.

There were two classes who joined this event. Both had different concept. The theme of the first class was “The Reflection of Earth”, while the second one was “Air, Water, and Land”. The first theme was chosen because earth is getting worst from time to time. The members of the first group made various posters that provoke people to save their environments. The members of the second group made posters about the condition of the earth. The earth is in damage because of human actions. They provoked people to throw away trash in trash can, not pollute river and sea. They also provided trash bag in order to make students and people who are passing by willing to throw away trash on it.

Later on, there will be a campaign in social media through photos and posters uploaded. It is expected that this campaign can be spread widely.

Charisma Bima Sakti, one of International Relations students hoped that this event could educate public about the importance of saving the earth. Kharisma said, “It is expected that it reminds people to be responsible to the condition of the earth. God gives us a good place for living, so we have to take responsibility to make it a better place”. (lus)



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