UMM Student's Achievement Explored since Pesmaba Event

Author : Humas | Tuesday, August 31, 2010 15:09 WIB
Robby Wahyu as the Chief of FPP BEM

            The qualities of the raw input of UMM students are getting better and better. This can be seen from the monitoring on prospective students of faculties based on the high school National Exam Score (NUN) of student candidates. UMM Student Affair Bureau has mapped the achievements to be developed early so that later the students would achieve better performance.

           "There is no achievement which gets no appreciation, but there is also no violation which gets no sanction," said Vice Rector III, Drs. Joko Widodo, M.Si.

           On the other hand, Vice Dean III of Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) of UMM, Sobri, S.Pt, MP, claimed to be proud for having the increasing number of devotees both in quality and quantity. This year, FPP accepted 250 new students, 18 of them were captured through the work scholarship program. The number rose more than 30% from the previous year. "Their high school average scores are very good, even they are better than other students’ scores from other faculties. It indicates that FPP is demanded by clever students," said Sobri while stating that the average NUN of students who are interesting in FPP is 8.7. It determined him to organize Pesmaba with a slightly different approach from the previous years. Pesmaba would be used as early stage to explore student’s achievement.

           The Chief of BEM of FPP, Robby Wahyu, explained that Pesmaba of faculty was designed with a unique concept. New students would be motivated to be a proud student of agriculture and animal husbandry which was often underestimated by most people. In fact, graduates of agriculture and animal husbandry are now proved to be more productive and successful in entrepreneurship and they have prestigious field of work.

           It is the FPP’s first year of managing integrated Pesmaba. FPP is the merger result of two previous faculties; those were Faculty of Agriculture (FP) and the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Fapetrik). "Thus, we integrate this Pesmaba with agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries concept," said Robby.

Robby continued stating that one of the interesting events will be held by organizing inauguration in the end of Pesmaba event series on Saturday (9/4) later. New students are invited to have fasting break at the Farm Laboratory Complex of UMM. They will prepare the food from the result of agriculture, organic farming and fisheries. "We'll cook the rice and organic vegetables, goat and fish from our livestock accompanied by the songs in the style of Coboy. The goal is that students will be proud of their own processed products," said the student of Agro technology.

           On the other hand, Pesmaba of FISIP also does not want to lose. Vice Dean III of FISIP, Drs. Abdullah Masmuh, M.Si, explained that he would maximize the short time with academic and student activities orientation. FISIP is known as a faculty with full of achievements. So, through Pesmaba Abdulah Masmuh hoped that talents and interests would appear in order to be fostered. "FISIP have excellent students in cognitive aspect, sports, art, even to beauty contests. It’s very complete," said Masmuh who is also the lecturer of Communication Studies.

           Last year, FISIP students managed to become Overall Winner of Rector Cup event, the national champion debate of Public Relations, won the English debate and won Eagle Awards Documentary Competition. Even, this year of 2010, one student of International Relations Department, Betha Landes, became the finalists of Putri Indonesia Contest representing East Java. (nas/t_alf)



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