The President of Maspion Went to UMM, Fascinated by the Beauty and Freshness of White Campus

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 09, 2019 17:03 WIB
Alim Markus greeted by UMM students. (Photo: Rino/Humas)

“Let’s love Indonesian products,” this sentence might be attached in Indonesian societies mind. In the advertisement of the famous product manufacturing company, there are Alim Markus the President Director of Maspion Group. The man who born in Surabaya, East Java were come to greet the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Students, Tuesday (6/3).

Alim said that it was the first time he went to UMM. In an instant, UMM makes the son of Alim Husin amazed. The reason is, UMM got a beautiful and fresh atmosphere. “I was invited by the Rector to come again to UMM,” he said. Besides being amazed by the grandeur, his visit to UMM become a tour and a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

On the agenda of National Dialogue which is held by the cooperation Suluh Kebangsaan and UMM, Alim shared his story as successful children of the nation who provide jobs for many people. He shared his key to success. “Education is the most determining factor in enriching the life of a nation,” he said in front of the participant in UMM GKB IV Hall 9th floor.

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In an event of “Millennial for Indonesian Gold Generation 2045, No Worries” this was mentioned by Alim, the demography bonus of Indonesia in 2030 to Indonesia Gold Generation in 2045, is a good chance for Indonesia to grow and develop economically. If every single millennial have a good education background, in the future Indonesia got a huge chance in leading the global economiy.

 “So that, the millennials who will continue the life of Indonesia in the golden era in the age of hundreds must be well-prepared educationally. Because educated people will offer high hopes for others,” he said. He also invited UMM students to learn entrepreneurship directly in his company.

Not just the Director President of PT. Maspion, there are other panelists, they are the leader of Suluh Kebangsaan Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahfud MD., S.H., S.U., Rektor UMM Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd., International Special Staff for President in ReligionDr. Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin, MA., Savic Ali,and two daughters of the fourth President of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. K. H. Abdurrahman Wahid, Alissa Wahid dan Inayah Wahid. (joh)



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