Pramono Anung: If Want to See Indonesia, Look at UMM

Author : Humas | Saturday, August 26, 2017 10:24 WIB

UMM Rector Fauzan gave the UMM alma mater jacket to the Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung accompanied by the Chairman of BPH UMM Abdul Malik Fadjar.

Secretary of the Republic of Indonesia Cabinet, Dr Ir Pramono Anung MM said that he was touched when he witnessed a conductor wearing a veil and Dayak clothes leading Indonesian National Anthem on the 85th Graduation Ceremony of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) at UMM Dome on Saturday (26/8) . When he was giving his scientific oration, he said, "If you want to see Indonesia, look at UMM,".

UMM is symbolically a part of mental revolution. The combination of a woman wearing a veil, traditional clothes, and national song is a display of educational character in plural Indonesian society. Pramono said, “I was really touched to see that conductor. The symbol of educational character is the same as the government’s goal”.

Pramono, who is a Doctoral graduate from Communication Sciences of Padjajaran University, explained that national development now is no longer centered in Java (Jawasentris), but it is centered in all regions in Indonesia (Indonesiasentris). “That is why youths need to be creative, innovative, and optimistic”. He said this in front of 1745 UMM graduates.

This is Pramono’s third times visiting UMM. He said that the academic community of UMM should be proud of two nation leaders who were also attending this graduation ceremony, they are President Advisory Council Abdul Malik Fadjar and the Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy. These two persons are the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Daily Trustees Board (BPH) of UMM. Pramono continued, “UMM should be proud of them, because not all campuses have national leaders who become minister and President Advisory Council”.

12 foreign diplomats from South Africa, Fiji, Iran, Japan, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Spain, and Zimbabwe attended this graduation ceremony. Their attendance at UMM is a part of 12th Promotion to Indonesian Language and Culture for Foreign Diplomats program held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) Republic of Indonesiawhich is mandated to the Indonesian Language Unit for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) of UMM.

At this moment, UMM Rector congratulated the graduates who had many achievements. One of those graduates is Nabila Firdausiyah, the initiator of Jodipan Tourism village. She is the best graduate of Faculty of Social and Political Science. There is Ikhlal Aldhi Wijaya, one of robotic team members who won Robotic World Contest in United States (AS). He is also the best graduate of Electrical Engineering. UMM was invited by President Joko Widodo in Indonesia Achievement Festival in 2017 to receive Appreciation of Indonesian Achievement Icon.

There was an announcement about the best University graduates in Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate program. The best graduate in diploma is Dewi Purnama Aristia from Finance and Banking Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) with GPA 3.86. The best graduate in Undergraduate program are Dwi Prasetyo from Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Isnaini from Islamic Faculty with GPA 3.97. The best graduate in postgraduate program is Haron Sa-Lae from Master of Sociology with GPA 3.81.

At the end of his speech, Pramono inspired and motivated the graduates to dream big and do not lose fighting spirit to achieve the dreams. “ As a fresh graduate, you can choose to be a government staff, an employee in a company, or an entrepreneur. But, the most important thing is, you must be able to take every chance in this millennium era”.

Pramono explained that the world admitted that start business in Indonesia is the best business. “You guys can take this chance. Creativity is number one for youths. A person who has no dream, he will lose the fighting spirit. Now, the one who can seize your dream is you yourself. Your parents’ prayers and your hard work are very important. The way of thinking should be different. Your way of thinking should not be shackled by dogmatic rules. So, don’t be afraid to dream”. (lus)



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