PPG UMM Graduated 331 Professional Teachers

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 26, 2019 09:59 WIB
Took a photo ahead of the PPG graduation degree. (Photo: Rizki / PR)

At the Graduation and Submission Certificate of Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) for 3rd period of 2019, as many as 311 Professional Teacher Education (PPG) students were declared as professional educators, Monday (12/24).

They were 96 or 31% men, 215 or 69% women. Derived from the Department of Mathematics, Indonesian, English, and Elementary School Teacher Education.

“Perhaps the capital that we have to develop right now is the Lesson Plan (RPP). But based on government policy, it will be reduced to no more pieces. It is only enough to use the objectives, learning activities, and assessment. This is certainly different from what you developed when you were at PPG, but you are much deeper," Dr. Poncojari Wahyono, M.Pd as the Dean of FKIP UMM.

"So that when you later make a lesson plan, it will be easier for you to do it. This is an effort so that you are not dull, stay smart so that you have enough knowledge in giving independence study to students and yourself. Because to be a teacher, you must be hungry for knowledge, you must be thirsty to gain knowledge, "he continued while delivering a welcoming speech at the 9th floor of GKB.

This graduation event had the theme "Presenting the Professionalism of XXI Century Teachers in a Progress Education Frame". Students who were declared graduated in the 3rd period of 2019 came from six provinces, namely the provinces of Bali, East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, West Kalimantan and South Kalimantan spread over 44 cities ​​and districts.

In addition, continued Poncojari that to become a teacher in an era like today, had to be hungry for knowledge, and could humanize humans, had a cheerful nature, positive thinking, and capable.

This graduation degree was based on the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Decree No. B 805 / B-B4 / JM03 / 02/2019 and the Rector’s Decree No. 947 / SK / PPG XI 2019 on November 22, 2019 regarding the determination of graduation of Teacher Professional Education (PPG) for 3rd Periods of 2019 UMM.

With details of PPG In Position (Daljab), the batch 2 was 142 students, batch 3 was 115 students, PPG Daljab Special Regional Teachers (Gurdasus) was 15 students, Retaker from PPG In Position was 36 students and PPG Pre-position of SM3T was 3 students.

"We know that not all who have taken part in the teaching profession can get a call to attend Teacher Professional Education. The amount is large, not all can be invited. In terms of time, you must attend the whole series of PPG for 6 months, 4 months facilitated by Sepadan (Online Learning System) or Online after that 2 months are present on campus, "explained Prof. Dr Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. as Vice-Rector 1 of UMM.

During the process, continued Prof. Syamsul, of course, there were challenges because they had to realize that each moment was happiness. Happiness was now and today, not the past and not the future. After this, everyone would get Certification. "Therefore, I see an expression of happiness when getting a Professional Educator certificate," he said.

"So ladies and gentlemen, as teachers wherever we are, we must be responsive, have a sensitivity to change. And I think, ladies and gentlemen during this PPG have been equipped with various kinds of knowledge to deal with change so that it is more responsive in facing the dynamism of the times and facing ever-changing policies. Apart from the RPP and other learning tools, it is just as supporting not the essence because the essence is we as people, as humans. Therefore, on various occasions, I say that the teacher is the Living Curriculum, "he said. (win)



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