UMM BEI Corner Yields Investors in Capital Market

Author : Humas | Friday, March 27, 2015 16:19 WIB
Service: Staff of UMM BEI Corner as serving a customer in BEI office located on 4th floor of Lecture Hall (GKB) II on Thursday (26/3). 

The coming of Indonesia Stock (BEI) in Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) brought positive impact towards an increase of student achievements. Since being formed in last 2004, BEI Corner which is previously named as Jakarta Stock Corner (BEJ) has achieved more than 15 awards.

            Recently, BEI Corner has achieved award as nominator in most active investment gallery based on development and innovation in last November 2014 by President Director of BEI, Ito Warsito. Previously, in 2011, BEI UMM was awarded as best BEI Corner in Innovation and Development Category throughout Indonesia.

            Confirming it, Chief of UMM BEI Corner Dra. Sudarti, M.Si explained that it was due to continuous innovation done by BEI corner. “We always maintain innovation by adding many literatures related to stock market, training, market monitoring, and other services in order to improve both faculty and student quality,” said her.

            Since its presence, she added, students could understand the way how to transact stock even to apply it. “It’s all about educating and applying it through BEI corner,” said Sudarti.

            In 2012, UMM students had achieved top 5 in IDX Game Competition, eliminating 112 teams from 42 different universities. Many graduates had been involved in real stock market as either investor or broker.

            Besides serving many reports related to stock market, BEI Corner also serves real-time share transaction for students. By collaborating with many security firms around Malang, students could start their first affordable investment. “It only costs 250 thousand rupiahs for first investments,” said Sudarti.

            The success of UMM BEI Corner was also measured from many factors: the coming of new investors from UMM students, the involvement of UMM graduates in stock market, and the increase of demand for both internal and external training. “There is also another factor which is winning many national competitions of stock market simulation,” she ended.

            Students or faculties could visit UMM BEI Corner on fourth floor of Lecture Hall (GKB) III. (zul/han/t_stu)



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