PGSD UMM Held the Ludruk Festival to Grow the Love of Local Art

Author : Humas | Thursday, January 10, 2019 15:54 WIB
One of the Ludruk group performances. (Photo: Aan / Public Relations UMM)

Ludruk art may now be defeated by the television and cinema. We afraid, the younger generation began to leave and no longer be known in the future. Even so, this art that recorded born in Jombang, East Java, must be preserved. One of them was introduced through the lecture. The effort made by a group of students deserved a thumbs up.

The Primary School Teacher Education Department (PGSD UMM) held the Ludruk Campus Festival, Thursday (10/1). The festival was held in order to complete the final assignments of Karawitan courses by students in 2016. They performed Sarip Tambak Rasa, Maling Caluring, Babad Surabaya, Sakerah, Jaran Mayang Seta, and Jaka Sambang.

The role performed was a local story that was mostly with the background of colonial times. Then, the manuscript that has been adapted will be performed by all students, both behind and in front of the stage, are played by students. "This PGSD student is an elementary school teacher candidate, so I think it is necessary to understand traditional arts," explained Danang Wijoyanto, S.Pd, M.Pd. as a Karawitan lecturer.

According to Danang, it was necessary to instil a love for local culture from an early age. So PGSD students must be equipped with local arts knowledge. So that when they became an elementary teacher they can channel it to the students. Danang was amazed by the totality of his students when carrying out their duties. "The results exceeded the limits and targets that I set, I am very satisfied," said Danang proudly.

Whereas Judha Bira Krisna as the Executive Chair of the Ludruk Festival Campus said that this was an extraordinary experience. He stated that the Campus Ludruk Festival for this time was the first time held at UMM. "I hope this first step can foster a great sense of love from UMM PGSD students to the local culture," he said.

In the period 1920 to 1925 Ludruk developed. In the beginning, it was street performances that were moving around or singing. It changed with the venue that settled on the home page or was performed. Like performed at a wedding party, Ruwatan, circumcision, and so on. "Hopefully, through this festival, Ludruk will be popular again and will be loved by the community again," he concluded. (Win)



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