PGSD Introduced Batik to the International Students

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 15, 2016 12:44 WIB
PGSD students was in fashion show in the auditorium of UMM.

Final Exam was not only dealing with paper and memorizing many theories. For example, Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar (PGSD) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), held a fashion show and skills exhibition with local wisdom nuance as the final exams (UAS) of one of the courses. This activity was packed with Indonesian pageants concept or Indonesian performance.

The event was held at UMM Auditorium, Thursday (15/12). This was final test of cross cultural arts and skills. According to the lecturer, Dr. Arif Budi Warianto MSi, Indonesian pageants was a comprehensive of the test subjects. In this event, students were required to hold an event that elevated batik innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

It not only introduced batik to the UMM students, but also to the international community. Instead, the main target of this art performance was foreign students who were studying at UMM. According to Arif, the attendance of foreign students in this event, made PGSD student doing cultural diplomacy in the international community. "Later, the foreign students will inform batik and the philosophy to their countries," said Arif.

All of the presentation here, continued Arif, were purely PGSD 2013 students’ work. "Starting from the concept of the show, batik innovation displayed for each group, all were done by themselves," said Arif who is also head of the Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) UMM.

Arif also said that, Indonesian Pageants was a form of introduction to the education concept which is integrated with art and culture. There are three characters which instilled to the students. Firstly, the character of the cooperation, discipline and sacrifice. "Those are the character to be achieved, so that students can practice theory they have learned in the classroom," said Arif.

According to Arif, the event also provided an aesthetic experience that would always be remembered by the students. In theory assessment, the students practiced the theory learned in the classroom, it would be more understood.

The secretary of PGSD, Dyah Worowirastri Ekowati MPd, was very appreciate this event. Dyah explained that, batik had a very deep philosophy. "Batik theme held is suitable for youths, because it means austerity, strength, seriousness and thoroughness, "said Dyah.

In the event was also showcased batik crafts such as wallet made from batik fabric. It also exhibited artwork, paintings and photos about the Indonesian culture such as traditional dances. (Jal / han)



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