Pesmaba UMM Brought the 2018 Asian Games Spirit and Spectacular

Author : Humas | Friday, September 07, 2018 17:40 WIB
Via Vallen took selfie with UMM new students of 2018
"...Setiap saat setiap waktu
Keringat basahi tubuh
Ini saat yang kutunggu
Hari ini ku buktikan
Ku yakin aku kan menang
Hari ini kan dikenang
Semua doa kupanjatkan
Sejarah kupersembahkan…”

This song entitled Meraih Bintang or Reaching for the Stars owned by Via Vallen, is not only cozy to hear but also the lyrics is about the sincerity built inside and igniting the spirit of competition.


Look how the 2018 Official Theme Song of Asian Games is able to deliver Indonesian contingents to achieve the medals exceeding the target. Standing on the 4th place of 45 countries that participated in this sport event, Indonesia has succeeded collecting 31 gold, 24 silver and 43 bronze.


The spirit of this song was also heard in the Introduction of Studies to 2018 New Student (Pesmaba) University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Fun packaged with the concept of being attached to the millennial generation, Pesmaba UMM managed to deliver prospective national leaders who had just entered the world of lectures with the spirit of welcoming the future without interference.


Pesmaba was officially opened on Monday (3/9) by presenting nationalism-themed of six spectacular flash mob formation namely red-white, KH Ahmad Dahlan, UMM Logo, Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow, Indonesian Map and Pray for Lombok. It is not inferior to Rotoh Jaroe Dance which presented 1,600 colossal dancers at the opening of 2018 Asian Games on August 18, formation of Red Mob UMM formed by 7,500 new students has also been viral on various social media.


Jamroji, a Communication Science Study Program of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UMM lecturer who was also the conceptor of Red Mob formation said, not only being a masterpiece, the Red Mob also carries various messages to a wide audience.


"One of them is Pray for Lombok followed by donations for Lombok. This is to show our concern for this country. We will donate it through Lazismu," Jamroji said.


Besides successfully shouting the spirit of nationalism on the first day of opening, Pesmaba also appeared with various surprises that raised the creativity of Y generation. At the opening indoors, the participants were astonished by the appearance of UMM Rector Fauzan who entered Hall Dome UMM looked boarding a glider from the airport to the field near GKB 4.


In a 03.37 minute video as the style of President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo, at the opening of Asian Games, UMM Rector Fauzan appeared in a white shirt and black pants standing on one of the aircraft hangars.

Shortly, the video which can be accessed via link displayed an incoming call and informed that the Pesmaba participan were ready. Suddenly, Fauzan immediately headed for an airplane. Complementing the communication equipment and other aviation, Fauzan took off to Campus III UMM and landed on the stadium next to GKB IV. Immediately, while wearing a black suit he went to UMM Dome where the new students (Maba) were waiting.


Bringing the excitement of 2018 Asian Games, Pesmaba's euphoria was increasingly felt through Via Vallen's performance on the closing night. This East Java native blood girl was specifically invited by UMM to inflame the spirit of student competition. Hopefully, through the students’ confidence, achievements can increase same as Indonesia's achievements in Asian Games.


This was also confirmed by Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, that there are five things that students must possess to be successful, namely the ability to think critically, creatively and innovatively, be able to communicate, collaborate and most importantly, be confident.


"This world increasingly intolerate people who are not confident," he said.


The most excitement of Pesmaba UMM was in UMM Helipad, Thursday night (7/9). In addition to Via Vallen, there was also a stand-up comedian, Abdur Arsyad, who made the spirit of UMM students more lit.


The cheers of the students were followed by applause when Abdur's name was called on the stage. The NTT comedian who began to skyrocket after playing in the NET television series titled Oke Jek is one of UMM's alumni of 2006. He not only entertained but also shared the inspiration of his struggle as a student.


Repeating the days when I first started living in Malang and studying here, he was teary. He claimed that he could not stem the emotion when he knows that there were quite a number of UMM students in 2018 from the east, his hometown.


"I am a FKIP alumni and I am really happy to see you from East Indonesia to get here because many people know us as sons of disadvantaged regions," Abdur said.


In addition to Abdur, Via Vallen is no less eager to welcome UMM students. In the breaks between songs, Via told that she wants to enter in the white campus.


"UMM is one of the campuses that I want to enter, sir," she said while unable to hide her surprise when she was wearing an alma mater's suit as a sign of being UMM family by Rector, Fauzan.


By the end of Pesmaba 2018, Fauzan congratulated the freshmen. He hopes the various knowledge and experience gained in Pesmaba can take the students in a strategic point to begin organizing the steps related to further lectures.


"You have joint pesmaba program four days. It was actually only the initial provision and there was no 20% of what was at UMM. Use this initial capital to read, explore, and appreciate and qualify," he concluded.



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