UMM Students Orientation: Creative, Educative, Religious

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 10, 2015 10:37 WIB

UMM KER is the slogan for the freshmen of the 2015 of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Students Orientation which is held on 8-12 of September. For the freshmen, the spirit of ‘KER’ has two meanings. The first is an acronym stands to Kreatif (creative), Edukatif (educative) and Religius (religious), which symbolize the concept of the 2015 Students Orientation. The second one is that the word ‘ker’ in walikan language in Malang, which is the anagram of the original word ‘rek’ (guys). ‘Rek’ is a Javanese word used to greet someone in order to build intimacy.   

According to the Vice Rector III Dr. Diah Karmiyati, Psi, UMM KER is prepared as the slogan to welcome the freshmen with warm greeting in order to make them feel contented since they are the new members of UMM family. Therefore, all the activities of Students Orientation should be designed as creative as possible by maintaining educative and religious values.

With the slogan, she expected that the Students Orientation will be conducted without any form of overmuch celebration, hazing and the other useless activities. “For that reason, we instructed the committee for not practicing any acts of violence, neither physical nor verbal violence,” she explained.

In order to guarantee that, the committee formed the Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) Team to monitor the activities of the Students Orientation on each faculty. “We also provide Complaining Post for the freshmen located in Student Center (SC) first floor. So, if there is any report regarding the violation of ethics, it will be immediately surmounted,” she said.

The religious aspect is also an important concern for UMM. “We provide the additional place for wudu (partial ablution) and shalat located around the Students Orientation spot for each faculty. Therefore, all the activities must be stopped during the pray time,” she ended. (fid/han/t_far)



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